The link between agriculture and industry is not as tenuous as one realises. With the advent of industrial grade computers, technological advancements, and a growing demand for agricultural products, it is critical to address this growth.


The need to include technology in agricultural ventures is increasing, and would be a great boon to business if added. Whether it manifests in the form of new irrigation techniques or fertilisers, there are many ways in which agriculture has grown to adapt to the changing times.


Agricultural Stakes in Industrial Computer Technologies


Because agricultural products tend to be much more accessible when process and manufactured to decrease spoilage, industrial computer technology is applied to ensure proper storage and safety.


In cases like this, improving upon the scope and gravity of industrial technology will greatly benefit the sector as well as the populace that operates, promotes, and consumes it. Having industrial technology at your disposal can greatly increase profit, and improve upon working conditions.


Livestock Management through Industrial Computer Technology


Like any industry, it is given to bend towards trends and changes in technology. For example, the demand for meat such as ham and turkey typically go up around Christmas period, and so factories will meet that demand by producing more of the same.


Apart from tradition, factors to consider in the supply and demand of this produce are mostly socio-economic and cultural. Most religious traditions abstain from certain kinds of meat and animal by-products, so taking safety measures in this regard when targeting these markets is of utmost importance.


Industrial grade computers are often useful on the processing and manufacturing floor due to the exacting measurements and quality control that they promote. Batch testing is often difficult to do when it comes to perishable goods, so being able to ensure that food safety standards are met from the get-go will be beneficial for any industry.


Technological Advancements for Agriculture


Agricultural advancements take on much more scope than what people usually see. Because the industry deals with an ever-present demand for agricultural goods, the need for faster and higher-quality products is key.


Scientists in Kenya have discovered a new way to process genetic data quickly, which will help in targeting what aspects of one organism’s genetic makeup can be manipulated in order to produce more yield.


Whilst genetically modified organisms remain a controversial topic, it is very difficult to encounter products that have not had at least some form of modification. Agricultural technology depends on being able to develop shorter breeding and harvesting cycles in order to increase production, and in order to pinpoint aspects of breeding that would affect the quality of their produce.


Plants such as Bt corn are being marketed worldwide to a vast majority of people, and with industry demand, could yield to different strains of wheat and fresh produce along with the advancement of agriculture. As such, genetic testing and biosynthesis by use of industrial-level computers is a must in ensuring proper yield.




“New cheap technology to hasten crops, animals breeding”, The STAR Kenya



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