Building S22 Industrial Computer for Managing Warehouse Shipment Robots

A new set of warehouse robots has unveiled recently in Germany, which is called the butler robots. It has the capability to manage a variety of payloads from 100 to 1600 kgs. These include handling the apparel, home furnishing and personal care.


This means that these robots can help in reducing the cost per shipment. At the same time, it enhances the productivity of warehouse operations by more than four times [Pace Today].


Now, these robots are also supported by advanced computing systems to ensure that it performs the right logistic operations. For efficient management, installing an S22 industrial panel PC is an ideal computing solution.


This computing device is built with Intel® Core i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad Core system processor. It has the capability to perform complex applications including warehouse robot management system. So, rest assured that this device can monitor real-time robot’s activities whilst on operations.


Can this device provide durability and efficacy in both logistics and robotic management? On this blog, learn why it is best considered to build the industrial computer displays in distribution agencies.

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Integrating Industrial Computers to Optimise Steel Plant Operations

There is an increasing demand for steel products in the market [Steel Product Demand]. This means that steel manufacturing facilities must improve their rate of production. And, one of the sought-after solutions by steel making plants is implementing the automated system.


Now, existing computer software, such as the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system, can be the right computing solution. But, operating these complex programs require reliable computing devices. Hence, it would be ideal to integrate industrial-grade computers.


Industrial-grade PCs have rugged features that allow the CIM system to function in various conditions. In fact, some ruggedised PCs operate in temperatures beyond 50oC. So, learn more on this blog how the steel manufacturing system can be improved by using an industrial computer.

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S17 Industrial Computer (IP65 / IP68 / IP69K Seal) in Meat Packaging Plants

Meat packaging plants process, pack and distribute hundreds of food products daily. In fact, many aspects of the meat processing system are being digitised to keep up with the growing consumer demands.

An example is during the meat butchering phase. Robotic cutters and advanced sensors are used to precisely cut the meat into the standardised sizes. Afterwards, the computer assesses the quality of the products before it is packaged and shipped.

Industrial computing devices like the S17 rugged industrial computers are utilised to ensure that the process is optimised. Its industrial grade internal components allow the device to perform optimally for extended hours whilst functioning properly. In addition, it has a NEMA sealing that acts as another protective layer, which resists intrusions such as water and food particles.


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Utilise the S17 Industrial Computer to Speed Up Meat Packaging Process

Food packaging was a method developed to protect the product from contaminants such as dirt, harmful micro-organisms, parasites and toxic substances. This method slows down the deterioration of the food’s quality. This extends its shelf life which allows the product to be stored for later use.


Today, industrial computing systems are able to monitor the packing process which ensures that the highest standard of food quality is upheld. The sensors can detect not only meat quality but also foreign contaminants and fat content. It segregates good quality products from subpar products and informs the operator of the condition of the item.


Due to the extended operating hours, industrial panel PCs like the S17 rugged industrial computers can be utilised to monitor the meat packaging process. It has the resilience and dedicated resources needed to function optimally under strenuous conditions.


Is there a need for computers to function properly for extended periods? Learn on this blog the details why the S17 rugged computers are the most suited monitor this industry’s processes.

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Improve Efficiency In Meat Packaging Plants Using Industrial Computers

Improve Efficiency In Meat Packaging Plants Using Industrial Computers

Streamlining food production is vital especially in maintaining the quality of food products. Then, these food products will be distributed to consumers. Which is there are automated systems installed in these meat packaging plants to ensure that quality products are made.


With the processes involved in packaging meat products, several factors may disrupt the entire system. For one, temperatures in these plants vary to fit the industry standard. At the same time, there are strict sanitary regulations imposed by the food authority.


Commercial computers are not built to withstand harsh working condition, moist environments, and chemical-laced areas. Whilst, industrial computers are built to resist the harsh elements present in these processing plants.


Now, can industrial computing devices provide efficient performance in these plants? Read on and know the importance of having these devices in this industry processes.

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Physical Components for Industrial Computers

Physical Components for Industrial Computers

Choosing an industrial computer that fits you and your businesses’ needs is no laughing matter.


If you’re looking to upgrade certain components or to get familiar with more technical aspects of your data processors, it wouldn’t hurt to know more about the parts of your computer that relate to the type of upgrade you want.

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Boost Office Productivity with Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Interactive touchscreen technology has a done a lot in improving the efficiency of workers in different environments. Communication through signage is one aspect that companies are enhancing with the use of interactive touch. One way enterprises are achieving that is using the technology to share information. With interactive touchscreen technology, a company can broadcast specific information that will be visible to numerous employees. Digital signage is utilised everywhere from conference rooms to offices to break rooms such that even if employees are spread over multiple floors of a company, they can all access vital information.

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