Using 17” Industrial Computers on Food Processing Over Other Panel PCs

Industrial computers play a pivotal role in the manufacturing processes. Without it, operational management and logistics cannot function. Operators follow the standards of modern production rates by using these computing devices. Such operations alike include both the food processing and manufacturing industries.


Like the manufacturing industry, food processing involves a particularly delicate process. The types of equipment perform multiple functions. Some of these functions include shipment of produce to the plant. After that, the products are carefully selected for its suitability. Apart from its equipment, the plant also needs to abide to food sanitation standards. It requires sorting through the fresh produce to choose the best quality. Then, it involves packaging and shipping to various establishments. Given these standards and equipment used, investing on industrial-grade computers is essential.


As a solution, the S17 industrial computer is best fit on the food processing industry. Its high-performing capacitors can deal with all data and processing techniques. And, its stainless steel enclosure keeps it free from contaminants to reach the food. All these features make it suitable for the food processing.

Food Processing Technology Upgrade With Industrial Computers
The stainless steel enclosure and NEMA-sealed interface allows for easy handling of industrial computers in food processing. © CKS Global

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Military Specialists Choose 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreens

Every military keeps the national security of the country by using advanced technologies. Governments look for innovative development on military tactics from these high-end devices.


In fact, projected capacitive touchscreen devices are useful in hands-on operations management. It improves the precision of these covert military operations.


With these touchscreen panel PCs, the military can do its exercises precise & accurate. So, if you are after for advanced specifications, choose a 22” capacitive panel PC for the military.

Military operations benefit from Projected Capacitive Touchscreens
Military mapping and logistics are boosted with the use of projected capacitive touchscreens. ©

What Military Specialists Look For in 22” PCAP Technology


Ensuring public safety means serious business for any country. Hence, it is important to equip the military with the most advanced technologies.


Any industrial computer manufacturer can provide advanced computing technologies for the military. But, can these manufacturers offer customisation to meet the specifications required? Unfortunately, not all computer manufacturer has the capability to do so.


With the 22” capacitive touchscreen, you can be sure of a durable and reliable hardware. Below are its product features to suit the equipment for military operations:


Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Features


Hardware: Military operations need to run the most advanced processors and capacitors. The S12 projected capacitive device comes with an Intel Bay Trail M/D and a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor. Given the nature of military tasks, this ensures no hitches on confidential information.


Protective Casing: Military exercises are often conducted in less safe and environmental conditions. With an IP69K rating and NEMA-sealed, S12 panel PC is resistant from dust, shock, heat and moisture. It also comes with stainless steel panels to endure varying external conditions.


Security Features: Confidentiality of military operations means a strong need to keep data secured. Watchdog Timers enable security features and denotes processes and logins. With its advanced system, it can help track user functions timely.


Operating Systems: Customisable 22” PCAP devices can utilise operating systems like Windows or Linux. One can also opt to integrate a custom operating system.


Screen Size: Its large 22” screen size makes it ideal for mapping out a general area, or for its use in logistics.


Return of Investment: With customisable hardware and software options, 22” PCAP devices are an investment piece.


Ease of Use: As military operations are often on the go, there are many options for the placement of 22” PCAP device. Case, bezel, and VESA mounts are available.


Warranty: Other industrial panel PCs can only provide you with 1-2 years of warranty. But, with the quality of our 22” capacitive touchscreen PCs, we can extend that up to 3-5 years.



Customise PCAP Devices for the Military


Because of the nature of the military, one needs to have the best technology available. The safety of the manpower and resources is imperative, as well as the defence of territories.


By using the 22” capacitive panel PCs, the military can improve their operations. This will then ensure the success of military operations to maintain public safety.




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22” Rugged Panel PCs for Meat Processing Functions

In dealing with food, quality control and sanitation should be a top priority. Panel computers can help on the management of processing of food before going out to the market. Through technology, panel PC devices boost and create efficiency in the operations management.


Since 2009, the consumption of meat products in the UK has been rising up to 84.2 kg per person. Thus, increasing food production is inevitable. An increase in production, however, would lead to more difficulty in maintaining sanitary conditions.


Contaminated food would have a large impact on public health of the country. The higher the quality of the food, the lesser the product wasted and the more profits made. Advanced computing technology can help to make operations more efficient. If done well, it could be a boost to any industry.

Choose 22” Panel PCs for food safety processing

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