In recent years, one of the most visibly commercial and marketable industries has to do with beauty. Due to its growing demands, working with a panel PC technology is beneficial for cosmetic manufacturing business. From manufacturing processes to the ingredients in makeup and the ethical standards of the company, the use of such technological advancements becomes crucial.

If you want to do better than your tough competitors, read on and understand why an embedded panel computer is of a big help for your cosmetics manufacturing company.

How To Utilise Panel PCs To Level-Up Your Beauty Business

The cosmetics industry is mostly focused on women. But, there is a growing trend of men using cosmetics that have brought a boom in the industry.

To optimise the productivity and improve performance quality of cosmetic manufacturing process, intricate details should be performed perfectly. Installing an enclosed 17” Rugged Panel PC in every workstation can speed up the production without a glitch.

Take note, these PC enclosures can be customised based on your business needs.

Manufacturing Transparency and Panel PC Technology

These niche brands and independent manufacturers have also prompted consumers to look at the standards to which the makeup is being produced. Industry practices, batch testing, and even formulations and pigmentations of the products are discussed openly and frankly with their client and customers.

Thus, the need for a better and more stringent industry standards is just imperative. Having installed a 17” Rugged Panel PC makes the entire manufacturing process produce an ideal cosmetic for every consumer.

Most growing brands advertise and promote their “cruelty-free” and “vegan” formulations so as to attract consumer in purchasing their product. Keep in mind that allergens and cultural practices oftentimes prevent certain demographics from trying makeup.

With the help of an embedded computing technology, you can always ensure that your products pass the quality standards and meet the consumers’ needs since it is built for hygienic conditions as well.

How Does A Computing Technology Work For Cosmetics Industry?

Precision and accuracy in producing cosmetics is highly important, as a change in formulation or pigment amount will change the consistency and feel of a certain product. Liquid lipstick, for example, is meant to be non-transferable – that is, to not transfer colour from one surface to another – once it dries. This is particularly trick for certain shades, such as extremely colourful shades.

Industrial computers, like 17” Rugged Panel PC, make it easy to view batches of formulas at a time without needing to participate in its mixing and packaging. But, how does a computing technology work for cosmetics industry?

For one, a panel PC has a built-in Watchdog timer which can monitor, login, and control the manufacturing process. Second, the operating system is powered by Intel BayTrail-M/D 2.0GHz Quad Core processor motherboard which can also store high volume of data. Third, panel PCs are also touch technology-enabled.

There’s more. It can withstand harsh working environment. You cannot deny the fact that cosmetic manufacturing is also vulnerable to dust, moist, liquids, and other falling debris. With a working panel PC technology, it is guaranteed IP68 and NEMA sealed.

Install your own Panel PC now!

As the beauty industry grows, it needs the support of better technology and more innovative products that can only be made possible with equally innovative manufacturing technology. As such, an investment in the manufacturing and production stages will have a great impact in the way cosmetics will appear.

Learn to dance with the trend and install a panel PC technology now.


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