Industrial Panel PC Workstations On Efficient Meat Processing System



As the world consumerist class continues to grow, the global annual meat production is expected to increase up to 376 million tonnes by 2030. With this rising demand, the newly-improved food safety standards in the UK has affected the meat processing industry.


The UK Food Standards Agency’s new sustainable regulatory model focuses on transparency regarding food safety. So, there could be equipment used for automated operations to meet such standards. That way, meat processing facilities can keep up with the demand while ensuring a high-quality meat production. Read more:


12.1” Heavy Duty Panel PCs for Military Rescue Vehicle Operations

  • Military rescue operations can be a safer and more efficient undertaking with industrial-grade devices.

  • The 12.1” industrial panel PC has a compact size which makes it deployable for onboard rescue vehicles.

  • S12 industrial panel PCs optimise military rescue operations and support future advance applications.


Gone are the days when installing computing devices in rescue vehicles was a challenge. Old computers cannot provide a well-performing device without neglecting sturdiness. Now, the military industry has the liberty to select the device to optimise its rescue operations.


However, not all device best fits military rescue usage. As this aspect of the military operation has a hazardous environment, the features of a device must be operator-friendly and sturdy.


However, we have a 12.1” industrial panel PC that is built to last in the harsh and fast-paced environment. It has a protection rating of up to IP69k and Intel® BayTrail™ J1900 2.0GHz Quad Core processor. With its performance capability and degree of sealing, it can exceed the minimum requirements for an onboard rescue vehicle device.


Moreover, the device has the ideal size, weight and power consumption (SWaP) ratio for rescue vehicle installation. So, expect that it can save system resources, allowing extended operation hours, reduced energy consumption, and adequate cargo allowance.


Can other panel computers meet this prerequisite? Examine the features of our device and see why it is an excellent choice for military rescue vehicles setup.

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S12 All-in-One Industrial Computers for Better Airline Communications

  • UK’s aviation industry for commercial flights opts for a more advanced communication system.

  • Installing an industrial-grade computing device is the most suitable computing solutions for the industry.

  • The S12 industrial computer has an all-in-one bearing capabilities that can help enhance specific functions in air transport operation.


In no time, advanced technology can be adapted to an aircraft to control its flight system. Highly innovative computing systems are being developed to fly an aeroplane pilotless.


However, before this happens, UK’s aviation industry for commercial flights opt for a more advanced communication system. Moreover, this type of application requires a reliable embedded PC that is compatible with the latest airline communications. Technology experts recommend that installing an industrial-grade computing device is the most suitable computing solutions for the industry.


So, what type of computing system is available for airline communications?


For one, an S12 industrial PC can have the best specifications needed for the airline communications. Its Intel® Baytrail-M/D™ J1900 2.00Ghz Quad Core processor enables the latest application to be installed on the system. Since it also supports Hyper-Threading, it can also be integrated into its existing communication system. Therefore, this device is an all-in-one embedded system as it provides flexibility to airline operations.


Can this device can provide longevity and reliability in aircraft operations? Read on through this blog. Moreover, learn why the 12.1” industrial panel PC has the best feats for a better airline communication system.

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Embed S22 Panel PC Displays for Advanced Self-Service Kiosks

Undeniably, urbanised areas, like the UK, have a fast-paced environment. Time is a valued commodity so self-service kiosks are becoming a reliable technology for people. With this, the fast-food industry is utilising this technology. It provides quick service for a busy individual who no longer has the time and energy to cook.


However, self-service kiosks should have a reliable embedded computing device. This is to ensure that the installed applications can be utilised. But, installing a 22-inch industrial panel PC for a self-service kiosk allows the kiosk to operate over extended periods.


Now, there’s more to an S22 panel computer other than being a sturdy computing device. Keep reading through this blog to learn how this device can improve services and the features essential for an outstanding self-service kiosk. Continue reading “Embed S22 Panel PC Displays for Advanced Self-Service Kiosks”

Optimising Poultry Processing Operations Using Industrial Panel PCs

Food security is becoming the primary concern in many countries. In fact, experts predict that in order to meet the global food demand by the year 2050, food production should be increased by 70% [FAO-United Nations]. So, to meet the market needs, poultry processing plants are using an automated system in certain areas of production.


This is also the reason why many poultry processing plants use industrial-grade computing devices to streamline operations. These devices function for extended periods of time due to its rugged components. This reliability makes the industrial grade panel computer an ideal computing solution in poultry processing factories.


Learn more on this blog how utilising industrial panel PCs can improve the production rate of poultry processing plants.


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Intel® Celeron® J1900 S17 Panel PC to Optimise Logistics Operations

Today, competition drives the shipping industry to innovate and streamline shipping and logistics operations. Hence, many shipping companies are using advanced terminal operating systems and intra-port communications to monitor shipping activities.


In fact, industrial grade computers are being utilised to track these activities. The industrial computing devices can operate for extended periods of time due to its rugged build quality. The S17 rugged industrial panel PC, in particular, is encased in a stainless steel covering, preventing intrusions from damaging its internal parts.


Utilising industrial panel computers to monitor shipping and logistics operations on the port also yields some advantages.

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S17 Industrial Panel PCs Used On Shipping and Logistics Operations

Thousands of products are exchanged in the busy ship ports across the world. The United Kingdom, in particular, houses one of the busiest harbours in the world. Its shipping industry contributed around £500 million to the country’s GDP in 2013 (UK Maritime Services Sector).


Due to the busy activities in the port, it is difficult to individually monitor all the cargo. Using industrial computing devices eases the way shipping and logistics problems. One of the computing devices that can be used in these types of operations are the S17 industrial panel PCs.


The S17 rugged industrial PCs have features that streamline the logistics system. For one, there is existing computer software that can quickly process the information and present it in a uniform manner. Using these programs on the industrial computing device, the operator can easily analyse, interpret and log the data.


Today, there is an increasing need to digitise these operations. On this blog, understand the unique features of these computers that help improve the operations of the industry.

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