Embed S22 Panel PC Displays for Advanced Self-Service Kiosks

Undeniably, urbanised areas, like the UK, have a fast-paced environment. Time is a valued commodity so self-service kiosks are becoming a reliable technology for people. With this, the fast-food industry is utilising this technology. It provides quick service for a busy individual who no longer has the time and energy to cook.


However, self-service kiosks should have a reliable embedded computing device. This is to ensure that the installed applications can be utilised. But, installing a 22-inch industrial panel PC for a self-service kiosk allows the kiosk to operate over extended periods.


Now, there’s more to an S22 panel computer other than being a sturdy computing device. Keep reading through this blog to learn how this device can improve services and the features essential for an outstanding self-service kiosk. Continue reading “Embed S22 Panel PC Displays for Advanced Self-Service Kiosks”


Building S22 Industrial Computer for Managing Warehouse Shipment Robots

A new set of warehouse robots has unveiled recently in Germany, which is called the butler robots. It has the capability to manage a variety of payloads from 100 to 1600 kgs. These include handling the apparel, home furnishing and personal care.


This means that these robots can help in reducing the cost per shipment. At the same time, it enhances the productivity of warehouse operations by more than four times [Pace Today].


Now, these robots are also supported by advanced computing systems to ensure that it performs the right logistic operations. For efficient management, installing an S22 industrial panel PC is an ideal computing solution.


This computing device is built with Intel® Core i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad Core system processor. It has the capability to perform complex applications including warehouse robot management system. So, rest assured that this device can monitor real-time robot’s activities whilst on operations.


Can this device provide durability and efficacy in both logistics and robotic management? On this blog, learn why it is best considered to build the industrial computer displays in distribution agencies.

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Cargo Ship Operators Utilise Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Every day, thousands of goods are transported and exchanged in ship ports worldwide. According to the UK Port Freight Statistics, major ports in the United Kingdom handled 117.6 million tonnes of freight in the third quarter of 2017 [Department of Transport (PDF)]. This transfer of goods from port to ship must also operate within a set time frame. Therefore, streamlining the transfer and inspection process is essential to meet deadlines.


As a solution to this demand, some shipping operators are utilising industrial- grade PCs to optimise its operations. This device has the capability to withstand the existing work environment in cargo ships. And, it also comes with a projected capacitance touchscreen technology which can accurately determine touch inputs despite wet climates. So, expect that this device can function effectively on cargo ship operations.


So, how can this device provide efficiency in cargo ship operations? Learn more on this blog how using projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can optimise the cargo ship operations.

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Optimising Poultry Processing Operations Using Industrial Panel PCs

Food security is becoming the primary concern in many countries. In fact, experts predict that in order to meet the global food demand by the year 2050, food production should be increased by 70% [FAO-United Nations]. So, to meet the market needs, poultry processing plants are using an automated system in certain areas of production.


This is also the reason why many poultry processing plants use industrial-grade computing devices to streamline operations. These devices function for extended periods of time due to its rugged components. This reliability makes the industrial grade panel computer an ideal computing solution in poultry processing factories.


Learn more on this blog how utilising industrial panel PCs can improve the production rate of poultry processing plants.


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Integrating Industrial Computers to Optimise Steel Plant Operations

There is an increasing demand for steel products in the market [Steel Product Demand]. This means that steel manufacturing facilities must improve their rate of production. And, one of the sought-after solutions by steel making plants is implementing the automated system.


Now, existing computer software, such as the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system, can be the right computing solution. But, operating these complex programs require reliable computing devices. Hence, it would be ideal to integrate industrial-grade computers.


Industrial-grade PCs have rugged features that allow the CIM system to function in various conditions. In fact, some ruggedised PCs operate in temperatures beyond 50oC. So, learn more on this blog how the steel manufacturing system can be improved by using an industrial computer.

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Maximise Tetra Packaging Using the S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Global food demand increases yearly due to the growing population. In fact, by the year 2020, there will be a 30% increase in the global demand for packaged milk products (Tetra Pak Dairy index). To address this need, many aspects of the tetra packaging process are automated.


The automated process is monitored by industrial-grade computing devices. These devices are connected to sensors which can accurately determine the quality each product.


In addition, these devices function optimally regardless of its operating times. This is because of its excellent build quality and rugged features, such as its IP69K rating and NEMA sealing. This prevents water and loses by-products from damaging the internal components.


Learn more on this blog how embedding the S12 projected capacitive touchscreen pc optimises the tetra packaging process.

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Intel® Celeron® J1900 S17 Panel PC to Optimise Logistics Operations

Today, competition drives the shipping industry to innovate and streamline shipping and logistics operations. Hence, many shipping companies are using advanced terminal operating systems and intra-port communications to monitor shipping activities.


In fact, industrial grade computers are being utilised to track these activities. The industrial computing devices can operate for extended periods of time due to its rugged build quality. The S17 rugged industrial panel PC, in particular, is encased in a stainless steel covering, preventing intrusions from damaging its internal parts.


Utilising industrial panel computers to monitor shipping and logistics operations on the port also yields some advantages.

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