Best for Airport Operations: S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

  • Airline ground operations require a streamlined workflow to reduce passenger wait times and aeroplane turnovers. 


  • Installing industrial computers can be used to maximise the work efficiency and improve the aeroplane servicing times. 


  • The 22″ industrial PCs with projected capacitance technology has features that guarantee peak operational functionality for prolonged periods. 


On a global scale, the number of passengers opting to travel via airline continues to increase. In fact, airline passenger traffic at the world’s busiest airports grew by 5.2% in 2017 [Airport Council International]. Experts predict that this trend will continue to rise throughout the year 2018.  


So, as the backbone of airline operations, the airport ground crew must use existing technologies. This is to help them cater the increasing passenger count and improving aeroplane turnover times.


Now, our S12 industrial PCs with projected capacitance is best suited for these applications as it comes with the features needed for airport ground operations. This computing device has a built-watchdog timer which prevents imminent system crashes. It has the capability to detect a potential program error. At the same time, it initiates a corrective response which restores the device to its optimal state.  


Our computing device is also outfitted with an IEEE security-compliant external communication antenna, with 802.11b or 802.11g WPA/WEP support. This will make it easier for operators to communicate with airport officials and resolve issues should any arise.


Can this device be used to effectively maximise the airport ground crew’s operational efficiency? Read on through this blog and know why our 12” touch panel PC is best for airport ground handling operations.

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12.1” Heavy Duty Panel PCs for Military Rescue Vehicle Operations

  • Military rescue operations can be a safer and more efficient undertaking with industrial-grade devices.

  • The 12.1” industrial panel PC has a compact size which makes it deployable for onboard rescue vehicles.

  • S12 industrial panel PCs optimise military rescue operations and support future advance applications.


Gone are the days when installing computing devices in rescue vehicles was a challenge. Old computers cannot provide a well-performing device without neglecting sturdiness. Now, the military industry has the liberty to select the device to optimise its rescue operations.


However, not all device best fits military rescue usage. As this aspect of the military operation has a hazardous environment, the features of a device must be operator-friendly and sturdy.


However, we have a 12.1” industrial panel PC that is built to last in the harsh and fast-paced environment. It has a protection rating of up to IP69k and Intel® BayTrail™ J1900 2.0GHz Quad Core processor. With its performance capability and degree of sealing, it can exceed the minimum requirements for an onboard rescue vehicle device.


Moreover, the device has the ideal size, weight and power consumption (SWaP) ratio for rescue vehicle installation. So, expect that it can save system resources, allowing extended operation hours, reduced energy consumption, and adequate cargo allowance.


Can other panel computers meet this prerequisite? Examine the features of our device and see why it is an excellent choice for military rescue vehicles setup.

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S12 All-in-One Industrial Computers for Better Airline Communications

  • UK’s aviation industry for commercial flights opts for a more advanced communication system.

  • Installing an industrial-grade computing device is the most suitable computing solutions for the industry.

  • The S12 industrial computer has an all-in-one bearing capabilities that can help enhance specific functions in air transport operation.


In no time, advanced technology can be adapted to an aircraft to control its flight system. Highly innovative computing systems are being developed to fly an aeroplane pilotless.


However, before this happens, UK’s aviation industry for commercial flights opt for a more advanced communication system. Moreover, this type of application requires a reliable embedded PC that is compatible with the latest airline communications. Technology experts recommend that installing an industrial-grade computing device is the most suitable computing solutions for the industry.


So, what type of computing system is available for airline communications?


For one, an S12 industrial PC can have the best specifications needed for the airline communications. Its Intel® Baytrail-M/D™ J1900 2.00Ghz Quad Core processor enables the latest application to be installed on the system. Since it also supports Hyper-Threading, it can also be integrated into its existing communication system. Therefore, this device is an all-in-one embedded system as it provides flexibility to airline operations.


Can this device can provide longevity and reliability in aircraft operations? Read on through this blog. Moreover, learn why the 12.1” industrial panel PC has the best feats for a better airline communication system.

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Advance to S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Steel Operations

Approximately, £460 billion was allotted by the United Kingdom government for various infrastructure projects [Infrastructure and Projects Authority (PDF)].  These projects contributed an increase in demand for high-quality steel products. Moreover, it is also an indication that steel factories should improve their production rate. That is why many steelmaking plants are now implementing an automation system in its production process.


Now, an automated system in steel factories is composed of a complex application that continues to operate for extended periods of time. At the same time, the steel products must remain its standard quality. That is why it would be best to use compatible equipment that can continuously monitor the production process.


Fortunately, the S22 capacitive touchscreen PCs can have the required specifications for both steel operations and automated applications. In fact, this device is built with the Intel® Core i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz processor and Intel® Virtualization Technology. These features offer improved manageability while limiting system downtime. It isolates computing activities into separate partitions which allow the device to monitor multiple metal concentrations efficiently.


Why choose panel PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen technology for steel industry? What makes the device a standout amongst other PC enclosures? Read more on this blog and understand why the 22” ruggedised PCs are the ideal computing solution in steel production factories.

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Embed S22 Panel PC Displays for Advanced Self-Service Kiosks

Undeniably, urbanised areas, like the UK, have a fast-paced environment. Time is a valued commodity so self-service kiosks are becoming a reliable technology for people. With this, the fast-food industry is utilising this technology. It provides quick service for a busy individual who no longer has the time and energy to cook.


However, self-service kiosks should have a reliable embedded computing device. This is to ensure that the installed applications can be utilised. But, installing a 22-inch industrial panel PC for a self-service kiosk allows the kiosk to operate over extended periods.


Now, there’s more to an S22 panel computer other than being a sturdy computing device. Keep reading through this blog to learn how this device can improve services and the features essential for an outstanding self-service kiosk. Continue reading “Embed S22 Panel PC Displays for Advanced Self-Service Kiosks”

Building S22 Industrial Computer for Managing Warehouse Shipment Robots

A new set of warehouse robots has unveiled recently in Germany, which is called the butler robots. It has the capability to manage a variety of payloads from 100 to 1600 kgs. These include handling the apparel, home furnishing and personal care.


This means that these robots can help in reducing the cost per shipment. At the same time, it enhances the productivity of warehouse operations by more than four times [Pace Today].


Now, these robots are also supported by advanced computing systems to ensure that it performs the right logistic operations. For efficient management, installing an S22 industrial panel PC is an ideal computing solution.


This computing device is built with Intel® Core i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad Core system processor. It has the capability to perform complex applications including warehouse robot management system. So, rest assured that this device can monitor real-time robot’s activities whilst on operations.


Can this device provide durability and efficacy in both logistics and robotic management? On this blog, learn why it is best considered to build the industrial computer displays in distribution agencies.

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Cargo Ship Operators Utilise Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Every day, thousands of goods are transported and exchanged in ship ports worldwide. According to the UK Port Freight Statistics, major ports in the United Kingdom handled 117.6 million tonnes of freight in the third quarter of 2017 [Department of Transport (PDF)]. This transfer of goods from port to ship must also operate within a set time frame. Therefore, streamlining the transfer and inspection process is essential to meet deadlines.


As a solution to this demand, some shipping operators are utilising industrial- grade PCs to optimise its operations. This device has the capability to withstand the existing work environment in cargo ships. And, it also comes with a projected capacitance touchscreen technology which can accurately determine touch inputs despite wet climates. So, expect that this device can function effectively on cargo ship operations.


So, how can this device provide efficiency in cargo ship operations? Learn more on this blog how using projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can optimise the cargo ship operations.

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