Preventing Electrical Ignition Through an Industrial Panel PCs

The production of flammable materials is unavoidable in some industries. A majority of processes leave behind explosive substances or produce them. Some of the common elements include flammable gases, liquids, dust, aerosols, and vapours. With an ignition source, these substances can trigger an explosion.

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HazLoc and Your Panel PC

HazLoc refers to hazardous locations that pose certain safety threats for electrical components. A hazardous location may contain flammable or combustible liquids, flammable gases, combustible dust, or ignitable particles in the air. These substances all present an inherent danger in many settings. Machines that are installed in hazardous locations must have a suitable design to provide protection against various threats.

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Panel PCs: Uses, Benefits, Cost-Effectiveness in Industrial Settings

A panel computer provides computing functions using a rugged system as opposed to the standard computer. The design of panel computers allows them to work in challenging environments such as those in various industrial sectors. This type of machine can work with any embedded systems to cater to different applications. Panel computers are also fanless.

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Understanding Modern Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

Projected capacitive touchscreen (PCT) technology is becoming very popular in different industrial settings. This technology allows the use of touch-enabled devices even with a protective layer. PCT works by detecting a change in the electromagnetic field when a finger or stylus comes into contact with the screen. The change in capacitance caused by this converts into locations on the grid.

PCT is used in applications such as ATMs, bar top or through-counter applications, ticketing machines, and pay-at-the-pump fuel machines. Hospitals use PCT especially in labs when practitioners have to use touch screen device with their gloves on. Industrial businesses also utilise the technology in their operations.
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Knowing the Important Features of Your Panel PC Before You Buy

Not all panel PCs are created equal, wherein some will be tougher or more high-tech than others. Graphics and processing power are important in home computers, and still important in panel PCs that are mainly meant for industrial or commercial purposes. In fact, it is very important to know other vital features of a panel PC that you need before buying, regardless of industry.
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The Operating System and Your Industrial Computer

One of the top considerations you have to keep in mind when you want to maximise system performance in your industrial computer is the operating system to install. It is here that you will have to choose between a standard OS and an embedded alternative. During the process, ensure that the integration of your systems and equipment is seamless.

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