Are Industrial Pointing Devices Necessary in Structural Steel Industry?



Several industries need steel for their products because of its ductility and durability from harsh environmental conditions. However, the construction sector remains as the top consumer of this material. In the UK alone, demand for structural steelwork is expected to grow by 23% by 2018. This means that it will be a challenge for steel manufacturers to meet this growing demand.


Structural steel serves as the backbone of many construction projects and specifically manufactured for building infrastructure. Because of its durability and strength, it allows an infrastructure to withstand extreme shock and other challenging weather conditions.


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Advance to S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Steel Operations

Approximately, £460 billion was allotted by the United Kingdom government for various infrastructure projects [Infrastructure and Projects Authority (PDF)].  These projects contributed an increase in demand for high-quality steel products. Moreover, it is also an indication that steel factories should improve their production rate. That is why many steelmaking plants are now implementing an automation system in its production process.


Now, an automated system in steel factories is composed of a complex application that continues to operate for extended periods of time. At the same time, the steel products must remain its standard quality. That is why it would be best to use compatible equipment that can continuously monitor the production process.


Fortunately, the S22 capacitive touchscreen PCs can have the required specifications for both steel operations and automated applications. In fact, this device is built with the Intel® Core i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz processor and Intel® Virtualization Technology. These features offer improved manageability while limiting system downtime. It isolates computing activities into separate partitions which allow the device to monitor multiple metal concentrations efficiently.


Why choose panel PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen technology for steel industry? What makes the device a standout amongst other PC enclosures? Read more on this blog and understand why the 22” ruggedised PCs are the ideal computing solution in steel production factories.

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Improve Efficiency In Meat Packaging Plants Using Industrial Computers

Improve Efficiency In Meat Packaging Plants Using Industrial Computers

Streamlining food production is vital especially in maintaining the quality of food products. Then, these food products will be distributed to consumers. Which is there are automated systems installed in these meat packaging plants to ensure that quality products are made.


With the processes involved in packaging meat products, several factors may disrupt the entire system. For one, temperatures in these plants vary to fit the industry standard. At the same time, there are strict sanitary regulations imposed by the food authority.


Commercial computers are not built to withstand harsh working condition, moist environments, and chemical-laced areas. Whilst, industrial computers are built to resist the harsh elements present in these processing plants.


Now, can industrial computing devices provide efficient performance in these plants? Read on and know the importance of having these devices in this industry processes.

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Integrating ERP Software to S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Managing core business processes for large-scale warehousing can be overwhelming. There are processes that you cannot view in real time. And, not having the right technology to support the operations makes it also difficult to oversee plant functions. That is why most distribution agencies opt for an ERP software to streamline its operations.

What is an ERP software? ERP is referred to as enterprise resource planning. It is a software that provides automation and integration to the core business processes. This includes logistics and distribution operations.

However, this type of software requires an advanced computing system. And, it can only be installed and utilised in an industrial-grade computing device.

Fortunately, the 17” industrial panel PCs can bear key features needed for distributions operations. This device can come with a compatible operating system. This is to ensure that specific applications like the ERP software can be installed. That way, operators can use this application to improve its distributions processes.

This device has also a built-in watchdog timer. This feature continually monitors and records the operating conditions of the device. It also has the capability to detect and resolve system issues of the device as well.

But, how can these features contribute to the management of distribution processes? Can this device provide reliability and efficiency? Read more about it on this blog.

Install ERP software Through S17 Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
ERP software can make distribution applications easier. Install this software into S17 projected capacitive touchscreen PC.

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Advance QA Processes with S17 Industrial Panel PCs

How does quality management and control is performed in distribution processes? What type of computing system is utilised to monitor its quality as well? Sure, certain applications are used to maintain the quality of a product. This is to ensure that these goods meet the customers’ needs when delivered.

But, what happens when system operations fail to provide its functions? Typically, production output would be the first one to get affected. Not only it can hinder an operation but it has also impact to quality.

Thus, a reliable technology should be installed for QA processes. This computing device can help QA personnel to manage and control the product’s quality. And, at the same time, improves efficiency in distribution operations. So, embedding an industrial-grade computer is the most effective computing solutions for QA processes.

The 17” industrial panel PCs can have the key features needed for distribution processes. This device bears a compatible operating system where industrial applications can be installed. So, applications like in the QA processes can be utilised by QA personnel. With the S17 touch panel PC, QA processes in distribution will also improve.

Now, can this device provide long-term availability and reliability? What advantages do the S17 industrial PC has over other PC enclosures? Read through this blog and discover what makes this panel PC stand out.

Upgrade QA Processes in Distribution with S17 Panel PC
QA processes has a vital role in ensuring the goods are of high-quality. Know how the S17 panel PC is utilised for QA processes in distribution agencies.

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Best for Military Intelligence and Data: S17 Industrial Computers

One of the most sophisticated intelligence networks in the world can be found in the British military. Intelligence corps as well as MI5 and MI6 must ensure that classified information are kept secured.  Any leakages could be detrimental to the military and public safety. So, to avoid this data being compromised, a reliable computing technology must be installed for the military operations.


This computing device must meet the required specifications for a classified military intelligence. Also, this must have a secured operating system to protect valuable data. Therefore, a right computing solution for military intelligence and data is the best option.


The S17 industrial-grade computer can provide specifications suitable for military ops. It has a compatible operating system that allows the installation of applications to keep data secure. This prevents the system from any potential risks such as data breaches and cyber-attacks.


In fact, your military personnel can set up this computing system and use it in the command centre. This may serve as a base for operations that need to process information. With such a device in use, it is easier to oversee operations with military intelligence available.


This device can also keep information secure in the command centre. It can also be useful in mapping out locations for military drills and operations. Hence, this industrial computer system is efficient for intelligence and data.


Choose S17 Industrial Computer for UK Military Operations
Boost the UK military’s intelligence ops with an advanced computing device. Choose the S17 Industrial Computer.

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S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs in the Distribution Processes

Distribution agencies are responsible for shipping, packaging, and distributing goods. Its processes involve bringing goods from its source to the commercial establishments. And, this prompts them to deliver goods to the public right on schedule.


That is why there is a need to optimise these processes to make it more efficient. Faster distribution and delivery of goods will be able to address public demand. Given this, having an industrial PC in the agency can help to optimise these processes.


Industrial computing devices can ensure faster processes than standard computers. In fact, many industries have benefited from these machines. And, distribution companies can take advantage of using these devices in its operations.


One industrial PC that can optimise the agency’s processes is the S17 touch panel PC. These industrial computers can make the distribution operations to have an efficient workplace. These devices can also have its touchscreen features enabled. It may come in resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen PCs.


But what makes this device fit for this industry? How about using these devices with touchscreen feature? Let’s get into the details and features of this device on this blog.

Allow S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Distribution Use
S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreens boost efficiency for industrial applications such as distribution agencies.


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