Embedded Touchscreen Computers and Their Need for Proper Calibration

Touch screen technology has been used in industry for decades, and has become increasingly common over the last ten years as the technology improves and costs drop. The most common applications include checkouts and ATMs, as well as controllers in plants and factories.

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Semi-Rugged vs. Rugged Computer Solutions: What’s the Difference?

A ruggedized computer is a computer that’s been made to withstand various hazardous environments. They can be custom made or off the shelf models that have been retro-fitted for ruggedness. Whether the computer is meant to be used near water sources or in dusty environments, or if a company is afraid of drop damage or cracked screens, rugged computer solutions come in all shapes and sizes. So what’s the difference between a rugged and a semi-rugged model?
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Boost Office Productivity with Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Interactive touchscreen technology has a done a lot in improving the efficiency of workers in different environments. Communication through signage is one aspect that companies are enhancing with the use of interactive touch. One way enterprises are achieving that is using the technology to share information. With interactive touchscreen technology, a company can broadcast specific information that will be visible to numerous employees. Digital signage is utilised everywhere from conference rooms to offices to break rooms such that even if employees are spread over multiple floors of a company, they can all access vital information.

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