Rugged Industrial Pointing Devices Used on Cargo Ship Operations


Cargo ship vessels are built with sophisticated machinery which enables efficient freight operations in open seas. This water-borne craft specialises in transporting large quantities of goods even in the busiest shipping ports in Europe. It also comes with a navigation system to communicate with the port officials to ensure that operations run smoothly at the port of discharge.


However, cargo shipping bears a strict schedule and busy port activities. That is why freight operators make use of reliable equipment to coordinate and manage its operation. This includes utilising the right industrial pointing devices, such as trackerballs, for cargo ship applications. Its corrosion-resistant, metal casing and precise button-click response can help in performing critical functions in ship operations.


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Industrial Keyboards and Its Importance in Fleet Management System


Efficient fleet management system plays a vital role in maintaining the stable flow of products in the businesses. In fact, industries like distribution agencies utilise computing equipment for its logistics operations.


Its operation encompasses fleet managers, who are responsible for inputting the right commands in response to the said activity. As it bears a fast-paced environment, panel PCs are usually integrated with industrial keyboards. Its ruggedised components are built to withstand harsh working conditions. Its corrosion resistant overlay prevents liquid chemicals from damaging the key buttons. So, expect that this device can function whenever needed.


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Quick Technical Support Fixes to Common Keyboard Problems


Computer issues can be commonplace in manufacturing industries. For example, in steel manufacturing, its work environment has an extreme temperature, dirt, moisture, shock and vibration. Hence, a poorly-protected equipment is definitely susceptible to these damaging conditions.


Note that keyboards are essential peripherals for computers. Once it is damaged, it can slow down work progress or even cause further issues that can affect an entire operation. So, it is crucial to identify common problems with keyboards and have a quick fix to these issues. That way, it prevents the problem from escalating which can result in excessive damages.


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Ways to Optimise Steel Factory Processes Using Industrial Workstations



In the steel industry, how do large steel manufacturers maintain its top position in the global market?


For an established steel manufacturer who wants to maintain its competitive edge, it should have an efficient and productive operation. Every process in steel-making must install and run a reliable operating system.


However, some of the challenges that hinder an operation’s continuous momentum are the presence of bottlenecks and inefficient operator-machine interaction.


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Are Industrial Pointing Devices Necessary in Structural Steel Industry?



Several industries need steel for their products because of its ductility and durability from harsh environmental conditions. However, the construction sector remains as the top consumer of this material. In the UK alone, demand for structural steelwork is expected to grow by 23% by 2018. This means that it will be a challenge for steel manufacturers to meet this growing demand.


Structural steel serves as the backbone of many construction projects and specifically manufactured for building infrastructure. Because of its durability and strength, it allows an infrastructure to withstand extreme shock and other challenging weather conditions.


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Why Use Industrial Keyboards in the Steel Manufacturing Operations


In today’s urban setting, stainless steel has a high demand for construction, transportation and machinery use. Its corrosion-, high- and low-temperature resistance, and high-strength characteristics made the material as the top choice for industrial and manufacturing applications.

However, manufacturing steel can be a complicated process. The demand for this component requires steel manufacturers to produce it in high quantities. Since this material contains different metal alloys, accuracy in data input is extremely necessary. Seamless information input and navigation reduce the processing time for steel production.

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Best for Airport Operations: S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

  • Airline ground operations require a streamlined workflow to reduce passenger wait times and aeroplane turnovers. 


  • Installing industrial computers can be used to maximise the work efficiency and improve the aeroplane servicing times. 


  • The 22″ industrial PCs with projected capacitance technology has features that guarantee peak operational functionality for prolonged periods. 


On a global scale, the number of passengers opting to travel via airline continues to increase. In fact, airline passenger traffic at the world’s busiest airports grew by 5.2% in 2017 [Airport Council International]. Experts predict that this trend will continue to rise throughout the year 2018.  


So, as the backbone of airline operations, the airport ground crew must use existing technologies. This is to help them cater the increasing passenger count and improving aeroplane turnover times.


Now, our S12 industrial PCs with projected capacitance is best suited for these applications as it comes with the features needed for airport ground operations. This computing device has a built-watchdog timer which prevents imminent system crashes. It has the capability to detect a potential program error. At the same time, it initiates a corrective response which restores the device to its optimal state.  


Our computing device is also outfitted with an IEEE security-compliant external communication antenna, with 802.11b or 802.11g WPA/WEP support. This will make it easier for operators to communicate with airport officials and resolve issues should any arise.


Can this device be used to effectively maximise the airport ground crew’s operational efficiency? Read on through this blog and know why our 12” touch panel PC is best for airport ground handling operations.

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