S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC Improving Tetra Pack Operations

Food undergoes many procedures before the items are packed in a tetra pack packaging plant. Many of these processes are automated to meet the production quota.


Industrial computing devices like the S12 rugged industrial PCs with projected capacitance are able to monitor these automated these processes efficiently. The industrial grade computing device is able to assess the product quality and monitor plant activities.


Now, is there a need to monitor the automated processes in this industry’s packaging plant? Find out on this blog how the S12 projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can properly observe the packing process.

S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC Used On Tetra Pack Packaging Processes
Learn on this blog how installing the S12 projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can help streamline the processes in for tetra pack packaging operations.

How the S12 Industrial PCs Streamline Tetra Pack Packaging Operations


Tetra pack packaging plants produce thousands of products each day. Due to the fast-paced automated processes involved in packaging operations, reliable computing systems are utilised to track these activities.


The S12 rugged industrial computers are built with a durable stainless steel casing. Its high IP69K rating means that the casing protects the internal components from being damaged by foreign intrusions. Also, it can be built with a projected capacitive touchscreen that not only makes it easier to operate but also provides several advantageous features.


Advantages of the S12 Industrial Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance


Many processes in the tetra pack packaging plant are automated to ensure a consistent production of packaged food. That is why using industrial panel PCs for these processes can yield several advantages.


Compact and Accessible


The large machines are used to ensure that large quantities of products are packed efficiently. The packing machines take up a large amount of space within the plant.


Thankfully, the S12 industrial panel PC takes up lesser physical space and can easily be mounted on in areas where the equipment takes up large floor areas.


Quickly Assess Food Quality


The food product is added to the package then segregated into its respective boxes for shipping. This automated system should be monitored by a reliable computing system to ensure that the food safety standards are upheld.


The S12 industrial PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen are capable of monitoring the quality of the food item. Thereby, it will have a lessened occurrence of system failures thanks to its excellent build quality. In addition, the computing device uses its available system resource to operate the monitoring program. This streamlines the packaging process since the computer can quickly detect quality issues.


Direct Connection to the System Mainframe


The new thin client ensures that the device is directly connected to the system mainframe. Any updates or issues in the process are automatically recorded in the system. This makes it easier for operators to monitor activities in the plant.


Install the S12 Industrial PCs in the Tetra Pack Operations Today


Advanced technological devices, such as the S12 industrial panel PCs, are utilised to monitor the automated packing process. These rugged computers can monitor the packing process and quickly update the data on the system mainframe.


Apart from its stainless steel casing, these rugged computers can ensure consistent operation regardless of operating times. So, install the S12 industrial computers with a projected capacitive touchscreen to streamline this industry’s packaging process today.




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