Make Shipping Operations Efficient Using Industrial Panel PCs

Every year, all of the world’s shipping industries transport around £3.02 trillion worth of goods. This industry delivers passengers and goods to its respective destinations. In 2013, the shipping industry contributed a total of £3 billion to the GDP of the United Kingdom.


Now, some shipping companies are looking to expand their operations because of the steadily increasing demands. For example, the Cosco Shipping Holdings Company stated that it would invest around £4.5 billion to improve their operations to get ahead of their rivals.


To help shipping companies make their operations more efficient, they use many existing yet advanced technologies. One of the technologies used to improve their operation is through utilising industrial panel PC.


Adding industrial PCs could help make the shipping industries more streamlined. These devices could address some difficulties in the industry such as logistics and on field reporting. It could lessen the burden on the employees on checking cargo on the port.


Now, what are the other systems that are being utilised in this industry? What are the specifications of industrial computing devices that enhance the shipping operation’s efficiency? Learn from this blog on how industrial computers can help these industries’ systems improve.

Looking to streamline the shipping operations? Learn how industrial panel PCs can help make the logistics and recording system more efficient.

How Industrial Panel PCs Make the Shipping Operations More Efficient


Transporting cargo is one of the primary purposes of ships. Every day, millions of pounds worth of goods are being exchanged in ports worldwide. There are thousands of containers coming in and out of ships onto the land. And, inputting the data on the goods and monitoring these containers manually takes time.


This is why the shipping industry utilise these industrial panel PCs to help make the tracking and data processing easier. These industrial computers are directly linked to the system mainframe where the overall data processing and analysis takes place. Hence, updating the container and goods information becomes faster.


If issues arise, it can easily be traced. Any problem that may occur on the deck and the port can be quickly communicated to the authorities. This ensures that issues can be resolved with the appropriate actions such as inventory discrepancies for example.


These are just some of the reasons why industrial computers are used in the logistics aspect in shipping industries. The technology contributes greatly to the industries’ system to function efficiently.


Qualities of Industrial PCs Suitable for Shipping Operations


The conditions where the shipping take place might make it difficult for regular computers to function. In addition, the large influx of data being processed puts a huge strain on the computing system. These factors might cause a downtime in the system.


Any downtime in the system would cause delays. Regular computing systems might not withstand these conditions. Now, industrial computers have additional qualities that make it ideal to use in the shipping industry. The two main qualities are its high IP rating and projected capacitive touchscreens.


High IP Rating


The conditions in the shipping port can be harsh and unforgiving to electronic systems. These are areas where rust can form faster because of the salty conditions. This is why regular computers are not suitable to use in these locations since its vital components get easily rusted. In these situations, there is a high probability that the entire system will fail.


Using industrial PCs should be preferred because its ruggedised body can resist rusting. These industrial computing devices are sealed up to IP69K rating have their important components protected from harsh elements. The durable nature and high build quality of these computers prevent unexpected system failures. Regardless if rusting is a common occurrence in these areas, it is ideal to have industrial computers used in shipping.


Integrated with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen


Safety is a priority inside the shipping compound. In some areas, it is mandatory for employees to wear gloves. Unfortunately, there are computers with touchscreens that may not be sensitive enough to detect the commands if gloves are present.


This is why it is ideal for industrial panel PCs to have a touchscreen with projected capacitance. Projected capacitive touchscreen can detect commands even when operators are wearing gloves. This makes it easier for employees to log the data and report if issues arise.


Improve Shipping Processes by Installing Industrial PCs in the Operations


Today, the demand for shipping is now steadily increasing. Many companies are looking to upgrade their system to meet this demand. Truly, these technological advancements will be the key in successfully handling all of these operations.


So, utilise industrial computers today. And help make the shipping systems more efficient to meet the industries’ growing demands.




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