Streamlining food production is vital especially in maintaining the quality of food products. Then, these food products will be distributed to consumers. Which is there are automated systems installed in these meat packaging plants to ensure that quality products are made.


With the processes involved in packaging meat products, several factors may disrupt the entire system. For one, temperatures in these plants vary to fit the industry standard. At the same time, there are strict sanitary regulations imposed by the food authority.


Commercial computers are not built to withstand harsh working condition, moist environments, and chemical-laced areas. Whilst, industrial computers are built to resist the harsh elements present in these processing plants.


Now, can industrial computing devices provide efficient performance in these plants? Read on and know the importance of having these devices in this industry processes.


How Industrial Computers Improve Efficiency In Meat Packaging Plants


Like other sectors of food production, meat packaging operations also bear a hygienic kind of environment. Strict sanitation and cleanliness are being implemented. This is to ensure that foods processed are contamination-free and safe for public consumption.


This is the main reason why installing an industrial computing device is a must for these operations. As such, specific applications needed for the operations can be installed and utilised.


In addition, rugged industrial PCs can come with a touchscreen technology. Meat processors can easily make use of the device by touching the screen monitor. Even if, these operators are wearing gloves.


Is there any advantage of using industrial PCs for this industry’s packaging processes? Let us see some benefits an industrial panel PC can bring in these operations.


Solving Cold Storage Woes Using Rugged Industrial Computers


In meat storage facilities, the temperature usually goes below freezing temperature. So, it would be an ideal place to set up an industrial panel PC that can withstand extremely low temperatures.


So, even in subzero conditions, its software can function optimally. Food product quality can be checked and reported faster as the software transmits data to the mainframe instantly. Besides this, there are more advantages of having industrial PCs in these plants.


Prevent Subpar Quality Before Processing


On the inspection line, employees receive data on the carcass. They can then feed the data onto the mainframe of the computing system. This makes it easier to determine the meat quality before it can be processed by the other sectors of the plant.


Resist High Moisture and Harsh Chemical Reagents


Cleaning a slaughter house properly is paramount for all food processing plants. And, water is almost always present to be used for cleaning and sanitation. Regular computing systems will have foggy monitors. As a consequence, the system can be damaged. Thus, the entire production may slow down.


Industrial panel PCs are protected by high-grade stainless steel construction frame. It can resist the water and harsh chemicals used in sanitising the area. At the same time, it can still perform its functions with almost no down time.


Track the Weight of the Product and Print the Label Simultaneously


The conveyor is another excellent place to mount an industrial computer. This area demands a huge output from the system to process the thousands of products that move through it daily. Each individual product is weighed on the packages and scanned by the system. Then, the labels are printed and placed accordingly.


In such a resource consuming situation, commercial computers will break after a few thousand cycles because of the strain on the system.


Save Money Through Quality


When a sector in an automated system fails, it would cause several delays to the plant. Defective computing devices would have to be replaced and this serves as a liability. But, the quality and durability present in industrial-grade computers reduce the occurrence of system failures.


Building Rugged Industrial PCs in Meat Packaging Factories


Industrial panel PCs may be quite a huge investment. But, the increased productivity and the significant reduction of delays in the production line returns that value many folds. Hence, industrial computing devices can provide a huge help to meet the desired and quality output from these operations.




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