Integrating ERP Software to S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Managing core business processes for large-scale warehousing can be overwhelming. There are processes that you cannot view in real time. And, not having the right technology to support the operations makes it also difficult to oversee plant functions. That is why most distribution agencies opt for an ERP software to streamline its operations.

What is an ERP software? ERP is referred to as enterprise resource planning. It is a software that provides automation and integration to the core business processes. This includes logistics and distribution operations.

However, this type of software requires an advanced computing system. And, it can only be installed and utilised in an industrial-grade computing device.

Fortunately, the 17” industrial panel PCs can bear key features needed for distributions operations. This device can come with a compatible operating system. This is to ensure that specific applications like the ERP software can be installed. That way, operators can use this application to improve its distributions processes.

This device has also a built-in watchdog timer. This feature continually monitors and records the operating conditions of the device. It also has the capability to detect and resolve system issues of the device as well.

But, how can these features contribute to the management of distribution processes? Can this device provide reliability and efficiency? Read more about it on this blog.

Install ERP software Through S17 Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
ERP software can make distribution applications easier. Install this software into S17 projected capacitive touchscreen PC.

Why 17” Panel PCs are essential for ERP utilisation?

Enterprise resource planning software is used by businesses to consolidate their core business processes. This also affects the efficiency of production runs. Apart from being a methodology, ERP software is also used as a tool in assessing how production processes are run.

Using ERP will bring about efficiency not just in output, but in overall plant functions. In distribution agencies, this is done through timely warehousing, packaging, and inventory services.

However, there is one thing these processes have in common. Real-time visibility is critical for boosting plant efficiency. There are many benefits to having real-time updates on distribution. Fine-tuned control on each distribution process makes it more refined. Goods are also managed as these are being counted, packaged, and delivered.

But, by installing an industrial panel PC, such as S17 touch panel PCs, distribution processes can be more efficient. This device comes with an operating system that is compatible with ERP software. Hence, operations will be optimised when ERP software are installed into the device.

Do these features will make distribution processes more productive? Let’s make a quick rundown of its key features.

Key Features of the S17 Touch Panel PC for Distribution

What key features are essential for ERP to make it work in distribution? Sure, there are a variety of industrial computers today. But, bear in mind that not all these pcs are created equal. So, it is important to look at the specifications that are compatible with ERP. This includes computer design, hardware, system processor and operating system

Our S17 industrial-grade PCs have the key features that can carry software like the ERP. These features help computing technology withstand harsh working environment. How? Take a look at other key features of the S17 industrial PC below.

Hardware Features

This device has reliable hardware features. It has An Intel® Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz processor. This makes it compatible for software installations. And, this software then boosts processes.  ERP software, in particular, can run smoothly on this kind of motherboard. Thus, this device can perform continuously without system failure.

Protective Enclosures

The 17” touch panel PC can come with IP65, IP68 and IP69K+ protection. This offers a level of protection against water, shock, and dust damage. Thus, the internal parts of the device is well-protected from these potential risks. So, this device can boost processes in the operation.

Operating System

This computing system can also bear the preferred operating system in distribution processes. Windows or Linux OS operating system can be integrated on this device. But, rest assured that this device can perform its function well with an ERP software.

Touch Screen Features

This computing technology also comes with a touchscreen technology feature. It has been known that touch screens provide ease of use for operators. Users can access a certain function by touching the screen monitor. Resistive and projected capacitive touch screens are two of the most used touchscreen technology. But, the projected capacitive touchscreens are recommended by many IC experts. This is because capacitive touchscreens more responsive to touch.

Make Use Of ERP On S17 Industrial PCs Today

Utilising an ERP application provides efficiency on distribution operations. It provides a seamless process ensuring that every operation is done without delay.  But, an ERP software is best integrated to an advance computing system.

So, make sure you install the S17 panel PC. Utilise ERP software and improve your distribution operations today. Call us through +44 (0) 1438 747111 for more information of this device.



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