Advance QA Processes with S17 Industrial Panel PCs

How does quality management and control is performed in distribution processes? What type of computing system is utilised to monitor its quality as well? Sure, certain applications are used to maintain the quality of a product. This is to ensure that these goods meet the customers’ needs when delivered.

But, what happens when system operations fail to provide its functions? Typically, production output would be the first one to get affected. Not only it can hinder an operation but it has also impact to quality.

Thus, a reliable technology should be installed for QA processes. This computing device can help QA personnel to manage and control the product’s quality. And, at the same time, improves efficiency in distribution operations. So, embedding an industrial-grade computer is the most effective computing solutions for QA processes.

The 17” industrial panel PCs can have the key features needed for distribution processes. This device bears a compatible operating system where industrial applications can be installed. So, applications like in the QA processes can be utilised by QA personnel. With the S17 touch panel PC, QA processes in distribution will also improve.

Now, can this device provide long-term availability and reliability? What advantages do the S17 industrial PC has over other PC enclosures? Read through this blog and discover what makes this panel PC stand out.

Upgrade QA Processes in Distribution with S17 Panel PC
QA processes has a vital role in ensuring the goods are of high-quality. Know how the S17 panel PC is utilised for QA processes in distribution agencies.

Why Install S17 Panel PC For QA Processes In Distribution?

Quality assurance is a planned and systematic action ensuring that goods meet the given requirements of quality. This process can be performed by a QA personnel through utilising a specific application on a device. This device should be capable to handle tough applications such as applications used in QA processes. Or else, potential risks may delay or halt the operations. So, what type of computing device is best recommended for QA operations?

The 17” panel PCs can have the specifications needed for a QA process. Its Intel Core processor helps prevent the delay of distribution processes.  Hence, this makes the operations more efficient, including quality management.

In addition, this device is also built with IP69K rating and high NEMA-sealing capabilities. It can withstand water, shock, and dust. Thus, it has a high level of protection against damage.

The S17 industrial panel PC is also compatible to operating systems such as Windows and Linux. So, tough applications can be installed into the device. Therefore, this also makes it easier to install applications needed in the distribution process.

Our S17 Panel PCs can also bear touchscreen technology features. It can either a resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen technology. This feature allows the user to operate the system by touching applications on the screen. And so, this makes it easier for QA operators to utilise the device.

Should you make the right choice with an advanced computing technology? Let us take a look at how the S17 Panel PC is different from other PC enclosures.

Choosing The Right Industrial-Grade PCs For Distribution Operations

What type of key features can best fit the distribution operations? Can other enclosed PCs have the specifications needed for QA processes? The right computing device must have the capability to perform the required functions for QA operation. Check out the comparison chart between the S17 panel PC and other industrial PCs below.

Key Features

17” Embedded Panel Computers

Other Industrial Computers


Intel Bay© Trail M/D, 2.0 GHz motherboard processor

Intel© Atom E3800 processors with 5.7” VGA screen

Touchscreen Features

Resistive or Capacitive

Analog, single-touch resistive touchscreen

Protection and Sealing

IP69K; NEMA-sealing

Anti-glare, scratch-resistant glass

Special Features

Watchdog timer

Flexible wall mounted panelling

Customisable Features

Fanless Units available


Based on the comparison chart above, the S17 panel PC has more advanced features. Other enclosed PCs don’t have these key features and benefits. But, the S17 panel PC has IP69K rating with high NEMA sealing. It has a degree of protection against water, shock and dust. Thus, internal parts of the system is well-protected.

This device has also a built-in watchdog timer. This feature continually monitors and identifies system issues during the operation. This also helps resolve potential system issues that may hinder the computing device to operate. Hence, a system failure can be prevented.

Another advantage of this device is that it has customisable options. It can be integrated to a preferred operating system for QA operations. Full customisation of case colour and company logo is also available. But, rest assured that this device can perform its functions efficiently.

Upgrade QA in Distribution Agencies with an S17 Panel PC

QA processes is composed of multiple complex operations. But, it enhances efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in distribution operations. Thus, an advanced computing equipment is a must-have industrial PC for the distribution agency.

So, upgrade your computing system with a 17” touch panel PC today. Contact a reliable IC manufacturer now.



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