Best for Military Intelligence and Data: S17 Industrial Computers

One of the most sophisticated intelligence networks in the world can be found in the British military. Intelligence corps as well as MI5 and MI6 must ensure that classified information are kept secured.  Any leakages could be detrimental to the military and public safety. So, to avoid this data being compromised, a reliable computing technology must be installed for the military operations.


This computing device must meet the required specifications for a classified military intelligence. Also, this must have a secured operating system to protect valuable data. Therefore, a right computing solution for military intelligence and data is the best option.


The S17 industrial-grade computer can provide specifications suitable for military ops. It has a compatible operating system that allows the installation of applications to keep data secure. This prevents the system from any potential risks such as data breaches and cyber-attacks.


In fact, your military personnel can set up this computing system and use it in the command centre. This may serve as a base for operations that need to process information. With such a device in use, it is easier to oversee operations with military intelligence available.


This device can also keep information secure in the command centre. It can also be useful in mapping out locations for military drills and operations. Hence, this industrial computer system is efficient for intelligence and data.


Choose S17 Industrial Computer for UK Military Operations
Boost the UK military’s intelligence ops with an advanced computing device. Choose the S17 Industrial Computer.

Choosing Industrial Computers for UK Military Operations


The UK military is known to have one of the best intelligence networks in the world. To name a few, MI5 and MI6 are world-renowned. Their main duty is to gather valuable data that puts the general public at risk.


This only means that there is much at stake as far as military operations are concerned. So, the key to successful military operations is accurate and timely intelligence.


That is why the military must have the technology to keep this data safe and secure. And, this must be an efficient and reliable computing system. An industrial computing device is needed in order to keep data safe and secure.


An S17 industrial panel PC has the capability to perform complex military applications. It has a built-in operating system. Any software or applications can be installed on its system. Therefore, military applications can be utilised on this device.


Now, what are the other key features of this computing device to improve military ops? What makes this device a standout than any other enclosed PCs? Keep reading and get to know more of its benefits below.


Key Features of S17 Industrial Computers


Can this device handle data analysis without a system failure? Does it have the capability to protect the data for military operations?


Let’s take a look at key features of this S17 Panel PC.


S17 Industrial Computer Features


Hardware: The S17 industrial PC device comes with an Intel Bay Trail M/D and a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor. This allows heavy workloads for these military command centres.


Protective Casing: It has IP69K rating and high NEMA sealing. It has the highest protection available against water, shock, and dust.


Data Protection Features: Watchdog Timers come in handy when this device faces unexpected power outages, ensuring no loss of data.


Ease of Use: S17 industrial PCs can be equipped with resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen technology. This allows the device to be easier to use.


Customisable Options: Some of its technical specifications have customisable options. Case colour and company logos can be fully customised. Also, military command centres can also be equipped with a custom OS for data acquisition.


Advance To S17 Industrial PC for Military Operations


Military intelligence is the key to operational safety. Every data should be strictly confidential. Thus, a data protection should start first when acquiring a computing technology.


The S17 industrial-grade PC has the specifications needed for military’s complex operations. This device can perform its functions well to ensure efficiency and reliability.


So, advance to 17” industrial computer now. Talk to one of our IC experts today.




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