S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs in the Distribution Processes

Distribution agencies are responsible for shipping, packaging, and distributing goods. Its processes involve bringing goods from its source to the commercial establishments. And, this prompts them to deliver goods to the public right on schedule.


That is why there is a need to optimise these processes to make it more efficient. Faster distribution and delivery of goods will be able to address public demand. Given this, having an industrial PC in the agency can help to optimise these processes.


Industrial computing devices can ensure faster processes than standard computers. In fact, many industries have benefited from these machines. And, distribution companies can take advantage of using these devices in its operations.


One industrial PC that can optimise the agency’s processes is the S17 touch panel PC. These industrial computers can make the distribution operations to have an efficient workplace. These devices can also have its touchscreen features enabled. It may come in resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen PCs.


But what makes this device fit for this industry? How about using these devices with touchscreen feature? Let’s get into the details and features of this device on this blog.

Allow S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Distribution Use
S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreens boost efficiency for industrial applications such as distribution agencies.


Improve Distribution Processes with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs


Warehouses store goods before getting ready for distribution. It is important to keep track of these products as these are being sorted prior to delivery. For inventory, industrial computers are used to keep track of these goods. This helps in making operations more efficient.


In fact, the statistics in the UK wholesale food and drink distribution trade show that it has added a total of £2.9 billion to the economy last year. With over 70,000 employees in this sector, a large chunk of the UK economy depends on this industry. That is why these industries need to be more efficient. And that means it should start investing in industrial computing devices.


By using advanced computing devices, distribution agencies can automate their processes. An industrial computing device must handle heavy workloads in these settings. And, this is where the S17 industrial computers can be best utilised in these industries.


Another is that these devices can run longer than standard computers without lagging. Also, these devices cannot be easily damaged as compared to personal computers. Hence, this makes the S17 industrial PCs to be utilised in the distribution centres.


Now, these devices can also be integrated with touchscreen functionalities. One touchscreen feature relies on the pressure applied on the screen. Another feature is known for its high responsiveness when touched with a swipe of a finger. But, for these industries, what touchscreen feature can work best on the S17 panel PCs? Let’s get into the details on the following section.


S17 Touch Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance in the Operations


Industrial computers are easier to use with touchscreen technology. There are two main types: resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens. Each touchscreen feature has its advantages and limitations. However, one is more suited for various applications inside the distribution centre.


Resistive touchscreens function by placing pressure on the device surface. A stylus or human touch will be enough to input data into the screen. Although it is prone to damage, a resistive touchscreen device is still cost-effective.


On the other hand, there is another touchscreen technology better than resistive. These are projected capacitive touchscreens that sense electromagnetic signal from the human touch. This also allows for multi-touch functions on the screen. And, this is less susceptible to damage than that of resistive touchscreens.


Which is why making the S17 panel PCs with projected capacitance is best on these settings. Its capacitive touchscreen feature allows it to be used easily in many applications. In addition, these touchscreen PCs have relatively long life and high durability. Hence, it does not wear off over time easily. So, operators can minimise the cost of replacing the touchscreen on the device.


But, there are also other features making it the right device in this industry. Here are some of its different features below.


Screen Size


Its 17” screen size is ideal to be used by any operator. It is also the most preferred product in its range due to its comfortable size. It can be mounted on walls or installed in the workstations. Hence, this device can fit for all applications inside the distribution facility.


Processing Capabilities


Any delay in delivery would lead to a loss in profit. For this reason, distribution agencies must have its operations running smoothly.


The S17 rugged computers has an Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad Core processor in it. This processor allows the system to function at a faster rate than other computers. With these processors, it can keep operating for longer hours. This keeps the entire system to continue running against lag and delay.


Safety and Durability


Industrial environments are often harsh, but the S17 rugged computers are durable. These devices can withstand such damage like water, shock and dust. Its IP69K+ rating and NEMA sealing ensure product durability inside the facility. And, its stainless steel enclosure protect its internal hardware from those external elements.


Optimise Distribution Processes Using the S17 Rugged Computers


Today, distribution agencies are investing in industrial computing devices to streamline their processes. The use of industrial-grade computers adds efficiency to distribution operations. In this way, the agency will continue to improve.


So, install the S17 industrial PC to optimise your distribution agency operations. And ensure that your operations will be better than before.




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