Distribution Agencies Using S17 Touch Panel PCs in the Operations

Distribution industries today need to step up on their production capabilities. With an increasing demand in the distribution, it is wise to depend on computing solutions.


Investing on industrial PCs can speed up the operations of distribution agencies. Manually operating these processes can take the agency a lot of time. But with automated processes, operators can assess quality faster & with less errors.


Given this, distribution agencies use industrial panel PCs for these working conditions. These devices can be installed into the facility desk or as part of a workstation. Besides, these can be integrated for control panel systems to streamline the operations.


But what industrial computing devices do they need? Industrial computers are best used alongside other types of production machinery. One of the most durable units for these industries is the S17 industrial touchscreen PC.


This device can act as an overseer for operations with a distribution facility. It can be used mainly for industrial purposes like steel manufacturing & other industries. With this, distribution industries can make use of this device in its operations.


So, what can the S17 industrial computers do to simplify the distribution processes? Why these touchscreen PCs are best for logistical and operational settings? Read on to find out what specifications to look for on these devices.

Using S17 Touch Panel PCs in Distribution Operations
Step up distribution agency operations with computing technology. In particular, the S17 Touch Panel PC.

Why Choose the S17 Touch Panel PCs for Distribution Operations


Distribution agencies need to meet industry standards of production. In this way, the right technology can help maintain – or even boost – production rates. That’s why distribution facilities use industrial PCs to optimise its processes.


So, when choosing a device, consider the S17 industrial PC with touchscreen features. This device can help operators oversee the entire distribution logistics and operations. At the same time, QA personnel can identify areas for improvement in the facility. Hence, having this device can help on improving the logistics of distribution agencies.

Apart from that, these S17 industrial computers can be mounted to a wall or panel of the distribution facility. From there, any operator can use the computer easier. This is a great advantage especially in conducting quality control in these processes.


Those are some features that these devices can do to speed up distribution processes. With operations as efficient as this, industry standards are more easily achieved. Take a look further of its uses that this device can do to boost your operations productivity.


Using S17 Industrial Touchscreen PCs in the Distribution Agencies


Boosting distribution operations is always a priority for distribution agencies. But, this can be often delayed due to system lags and/or malfunctions.


With the S17 panel PC, it is suitable to your agency for improving productivity. And, levelling up every aspect of these agencies is easier than ever. So, invest in an industrial computing device that can respond to this need.


Take a look at other capabilities of this device suitable for distribution processes.


Faster Processing Capabilities


The S17 industrial PCs are fit for most industrial operations. Like in any industry, distribution agencies have heavy requirements of all its processes.


These computing devices come with an Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad Core processor. This prevents machine lag and delay in processing distribution operations.


As a result, there will be a timely delivery of goods once these processes have been optimised. This ensures efficient production time for distribution and packaging.


Touchscreen Abilities


Also, the S17 rugged computers can be equipped with touchscreen features. These can be either a resistive or a projected capacitive touchscreen.


With a resistive touchscreen feature, a device is usually less responsive touch functions. This kind of touchscreen feature is less recommended for most industrial operations, too. Though a resistive touch is also responsive, it has a slightly longer response time.


On the other hand, the projected capacitive touchscreen makes it easier to use than resistive. This is because of its faster responsive time compared to resistive touchscreens. With a capacitive touchscreen PC, it becomes easily accessible for operators.


Ergonomic Workstations


Finally, the S17 rugged computer can be setup to an industrial workstation. These workstations can be installed in the control panel centres of the facility. With this, its workstation design can be made to your exact specifications.


This can be built together with adjustable platforms in the distribution assembly line. Its ergonomic design can be a great addition to any distribution agency.


Why Distribution Agencies Need to Have the S17 Rugged Computers


Full industrial computer functionality is needed for every distribution agency. So find a device that can help to improve the entire production functions. And, that it can keep with heavy workloads and pressing deadlines.


With fast-paced working conditions, make your distribution agency a more efficient working environment. So, elevate the efficiency of your operations by building an S17 touch panel PC today. And, ensure that it can improve your distribution processes.




Distribution centre forms the hub that supplies jobs, stores, consumers, The Newnan Times-Herald


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