How to Choose the Right Embedded Panel PC Suitable for ATM Kiosks

Security is an important feature for ATM kiosks. Any automated teller machine should have its security functions to fully work. Not only should these ATMs able to dispense money, but these should also be secured from any breach.


So, an embedded panel PC should be able to handle those instances. Given how clients use ATMs, these advanced PCs are a great fit for a kiosk. Hence, clients can transact safely their money on any automated teller machine.


Now, what specifications do these devices have to suit an ATM kiosk? Read further on this blog to know what type of industrial PC can be best used on a bank’s ATM.

Providing Embedded Panel PC as ATM Kiosks

Choosing a Suitable Panel PC to Function as an ATM Kiosk


Today, ATM kiosks are used as an alternative to conducting bank transactions face-to-face.


For simple withdrawals, deposits, and the like, there is no need to queue inside the bank itself. This is a great help to those who want to do banking fast and efficient.


With these machines, 24/7 banking is made possible. Whatever time of the day clients may choose, they can access their accounts on these ATMs.


And by that, security features on any automated teller machine must be put into place. Its embedded industrial PC should be secured whilst clients transact on ATMs. Which means that personal information cannot be compromised by other devices or software.


So, invest in a device that is capable of handling both security and bank transactions. These advanced PCs can surely fit into any ATM installation.


Embedded Industrial Computers on ATM Kiosks 


Purchasing an advanced PC needs careful understanding on the device’s specifications. Know the specifications of the manufacturer’s embedded PC. Ask questions from a PC manufacturer and check the device’s datasheets.


Consider prioritising the security of the information. There is always a chance that security and encryption can still be compromised.


Of course, an ordinary computer cannot have all features required for an ATM use. Check further below on some of the features that panel PCs can provide.


Security Features


These industrial computers can show information and facilitate banking transactions. Because of this, it is important to invest in the security and integrity of these devices. ATM kiosks conduct personal financial transactions, which is why security is paramount.


Processing Capabilities


With embedded PCs, there is an extra layer of security. This is because these devices are built for high-powered processing activities. These are a welcome addition to any banking security.


Ease of Use


Apart from data storage, industrial PCs come with specific add-ons for ease of use. For example, there are panel computers with touchscreen functionality. There is also a ruggedised numerical keyboard where clients can input their PIN. Any custom-built depends on the bank’s automated teller machines.


Find Industrial Computer Manufacturers for ATM Kiosks


Security features of these advanced PCs ensure that transactions is safe in any ATM. Hence, an embedded panel PC proves suitable for ATM kiosks.


With embedded industrial PCs for an ATM kiosk, clients can have safe transactions. And, there is less worry about any security breach from the kiosk. Contact an industrial computer provider for more information.




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