Infantry Command Centre Using 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Infantry operations from its command centre play a large role in national defence. For example, the UK military must adapt to the digital age. This is in order to keep their manpower and resources safe and up-to-date.


One way to improve this is to utilise projected capacitive touchscreen devices. These advanced PCs prove useful in managing operations and intelligence command centres.


For military uses, an advanced computing device is highly needed. But, keeping up with these advanced technologies is also not easy. There are many things to consider: Operational management. Logistics improvement. Safety and security.


So, having a hands-on device can never be enough. Learn more on how to choose a rugged panel PC for the infantry command centre operations below.


What Benefit Can the UK Infantry Get from Capacitive Touchscreen PCs?


According to its latest statistics, the British Army has over 100,000 foot soldiers under its command. These comprise both the regular army and the reserves. These soldiers take commands based on the intelligence that they are given.


So, whenever an intelligence information is received, it is crucial to keep these soldiers on the ground safe. They must have the tools and information necessary to fulfil these operations. As such, keeping these soldiers co-ordinated and working efficiently is a large task.


Hence, the UK military command centre needs the S22 projected capacitive touchscreen PCs. In this way, the device can transmit intelligence used in conducting operations. Its durability and reliability is a welcome addition to military equipment on hand.


Improving the Infantry Command Centre Operations with S22 Industrial PCs


So, what aspects of the S22 industrial computer are fit for the military operations? As the infantry is most vulnerable on the battlefield, intelligence must be verified.


With the infantry, any technology that they use needs to keep operations secure. This means investing in the kind of devices that are helpful to military operations. Without that, any high-powered features would not matter.


Now, you know how beneficial the S22 panel PC is for command centre and infantry operations. Here are some other specifications for our S22 touchscreen industrial PC.




Our S22 panel PC runs an Intel® Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor. This makes our device capable of handling heavy workloads. Military operational management is made easy with these specifications.


Protective Casing


Stainless-steel enclosures are a must for any harsh operational condition. With our NEMA-sealed, IP69K-rated enclosures, it keeps the S22 device safe from damages. Apart from this device, our industrial computers prove useful for tough military operations.


Security Features


Securing intelligence is critical in military missions. With data loss, this could be a severe blow to current operations. But, with its Watchdog Timer, it keeps data safe from unprecedented malfunction and/or system resets.


Operating Systems


With our S22 panel computer, any operating system like Windows or Linux can be installed. You can also opt to have a specially-designed operating system be used instead.


Screen Size


Its large 22” screen makes it easy to map out terrain and weather conditions. This also comes with a projected capacitive touchscreen feature. Its touchscreen capability allows an even more hands-on experience.


Warranty Policy


For the specifications listed above, our S22 panel PCs come with a 3-year warranty. Non-warranty repairs come with a fee that is listed in our website’s services request. This is not inclusive of any part that may need to be replaced.


Advance You Command Centre Operations with S22 Industrial PC


Given these specifications, there should be no doubt in your mind. Invest on these advanced computing devices. Our S22 projected capacitive touchscreen PC is a solid investment for the military.


In making operations more efficient, more manpower can be saved and trained. Build your 22” industrial PC for its effectiveness and durability today.




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