Advanced S22 Industrial Computers for the Royal Navy Defence Ops  

Using advanced computing devices has provided benefits to many industries. These devices have served many purposes in manufacturing and distribution plants. These include advanced specifications and durable framework. As such, it would be perfect not only for industrial purposes but for the military naval defences as well.


As the military need to be always ahead of the times, keeping in touch with new technology is crucial. You can customise these industrial computers with the system requirements for the military. Like the S22 rugged panel PC, it is one of the few devices that marry both durability and processing power. The S22 industrial PC have features that are top notch and can perform well in the military.


What benefits can the S22 panel PC give to the UK military? How important is it to have this computing device now? What abilities can this device have for the Royal Navy? Let us explore on the specifications of this device as follows.



22” Industrial Computers for Naval Operations
Here a member of the Royal Navy operates an industrial computer with an Xbox controller in order to simulate possible operations © Daily Express UK


How the Royal Navy Advances on Operations with Industrial Computers


The Royal Navy takes responsibility for Britain’s naval defences. With the Royal Air Force and the British Army, they comprise the bulk of Britain’s armed forces. Given its military capabilities, the Royal Air Force deserves an advanced computing device.


During the military operations, an advanced computer must be able to withstand various conditions. A device that can stand up to harsh environments is a welcome addition the armed forces. The Royal Navy has some of the most advanced military forces in the world, which is why an industrial PC is needed.


So, equip the Royal Navy with an industrial PC that is guaranteed to be useful in any military operation. Its application will help to lower down any margin of error in its operations.


Choose the S22 Industrial Computing Device for Royal Navy Operations   


So, how does the 22” rugged industrial computer fit naval defensive technology? In fact, the gruelling demands of naval defence and warfare require quality technology. You can invest on the S22 panel PC that is shock-proof, dust-proof, and water-resistant.


Ensure a smooth operational management with this device to improve military operations. Read on for more specifications that could be useful in naval operations.


S22 Rugged Panel Computer Specifications

·         Hardware: Ensure fast data analysis with an Intel® Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor.

·         Protective Casing: NEMA-sealed, IP69K-rated stainless steel enclosures keep the hardware safe from damage.

·         Security Features: A built-in Watchdog timer controls log-ins and computer processes and makes it more secure.

·         Operating Systems: Windows or Linux operating systems can be easily installed.

·         Screen Size: Its large 22” screen size can be set to either resistive or capacitive touchscreen function.


Royal Navy Contractors Invest in Industrial Computers


Make a solid choice with your pick of military technology. Consider the following options.


Will this advanced computing device give us precise results? Will it improve logistics for the military operations? Can it help the Royal Navy to improve on tactical intelligence?


These must all come together to see if a device is suitable for the military like the Royal Navy.


The Royal Navy would benefit from advanced computing devices. Military operations can be effective with the S22 industrial PCs that can handle heavy workloads.


Invest on these panel PCs to improve the operations management for the Royal Navy. Choose the 22” rugged panel computer for maintaining and improving naval defences today.




Rugged desktop computer for industrial IoT applications introduced by WIN Enterprises,


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