22” Rugged Panel PCs for the Royal Air Force Defence and Military Ops  

Military technology should always be ahead of the times. In keeping up with the new technologies, the military should make use only the best equipment. With industrial PCs, they need an advanced computing device for the covert operations. Advanced computers like the S22 rugged panel PCs can fulfil that need.


Precision technology. Logistics improvement. Tactical intelligence. These are some considerations that come with equipping your operations with panel PCs. You should also consider the conditions that you are subjecting your device to. These must all come together for you to make a solid choice.

The Royal Air Force hosts some of the country’s premier technology, and Panel PC technology is integrated into their aircraft.


How RAF Defense Benefits from Panel PC Usage


The Royal Air Force (RAF) takes charge of Britain’s aerial warfare and defence. It has been the oldest independent air force in the world after the First World War. As such, it has a standard of adapting “leading-edge” technology.


This sort of technology should be also adapted to fit military operations. As the RAF leads the air power of the UK Ministry of Defence, they act in the interest of public safety. It is important, then, to equip them with the appropriate technology.


Choose 22” Rugged Industrial PCs for Improving RAF Defences        


What makes the 22” rugged industrial computer fit for the RAF defences? There are several features that prove its suitability for the military industry. Its combination of durability and processing power fits the demands of the air force.


Some features include its sealed enclosures keeping it from the external elements. These keep it safe from dust, shock, and water that can damage critical hardware. At the same time, it keeps the important components intact. This makes it fit for dealing with difficult and harsh conditions or operations.


Military operations are going to be put into the hardest conditions. The technology that they use should also correspond to that. In handling military operations, the RAF needs to know more about its specifications. Knowledge of these features can make or break an operation. Read on for more of the S22 rugged industrial PC specifications.


Product Checklist

·         Hardware: An Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor can handle heavy workloads of data analysis.

·         Protective Casing: NEMA-sealed, IP69K-rated stainless steel enclosures keep the hardware safe from damage.

·         Security Features: Log-ins and computer processes are made secure with a built-in Watchdog timer.

·         Operating Systems: Windows or Linux operating systems can installed to fit.

·         Screen Size: Its large 22” screen come installed with projected capacitive touchscreen capacity.

·         Return of Investment: Costs are depending on the kind of specifications made.

·         Mounts: Case, bezel, and VESA mounts available.



Invest in Industrial Computers for RAF Operations


With these specifications, the RAF should correspond with such technology. In doing so, they can operate with these industrial PCs that can handle heavy workloads. The highest specifications will always yield the best output. We recommend the 22” rugged panel PC for its effectiveness compared to other devices.




Rugged desktop computer for industrial IoT applications introduced by WIN Enterprises, MilitaryAerospace.com


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