Using 17” Industrial Computers on Food Processing Over Other Panel PCs

Industrial computers play a pivotal role in the manufacturing processes. Without it, operational management and logistics cannot function. Operators follow the standards of modern production rates by using these computing devices. Such operations alike include both the food processing and manufacturing industries.


Like the manufacturing industry, food processing involves a particularly delicate process. The types of equipment perform multiple functions. Some of these functions include shipment of produce to the plant. After that, the products are carefully selected for its suitability. Apart from its equipment, the plant also needs to abide to food sanitation standards. It requires sorting through the fresh produce to choose the best quality. Then, it involves packaging and shipping to various establishments. Given these standards and equipment used, investing on industrial-grade computers is essential.


As a solution, the S17 industrial computer is best fit on the food processing industry. Its high-performing capacitors can deal with all data and processing techniques. And, its stainless steel enclosure keeps it free from contaminants to reach the food. All these features make it suitable for the food processing.

Food Processing Technology Upgrade With Industrial Computers
The stainless steel enclosure and NEMA-sealed interface allows for easy handling of industrial computers in food processing. © CKS Global

Integrating the S17 Industrial Grade Computers on Food Processing


Meat factories and food processing facilities need to abide hygiene and safety standards. With that, these facilities need a panel PC to process data at an industrial standard.


In terms of safety standards, the 17” industrial computers come with an IP69K+rating. It also has a NEMA-sealed enclosure that keeps it from water, shock or dust. That means its stainless steel enclosures allow stable handling of the device. It can work against intensive cleaning measures whilst able to perform its functions.


How 17” Industrial Grade Computers Measure Up to Other Panel PCs


Take note of the advantages of panel PCs over another. Certain specifications may boost or hinder your factory’s production growth. So, these devices must grow with your factories and available for upgrade if required.


Customising our industrial PCs for your needs shows it to be more effective than the other PCs. Below are some comparisons to help you decide on your preferred industrial-grade computer.


17” Industrial Computers

Other Panel Computers

·         Our industrial grade computers are powered by an Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor.

·         Stainless steel panels and IP69K seal keep it from being damaged by water, dust, or shock.

·         Watchdog Timers enable security features on the device. It also denotes processes and logins run by the system.

·         Operating systems may be Windows, Linux, or one built for a specific industry’s use.

·         It has a 17” projected touchscreen technology for better visual output.

·         Due to its features, industrial computing devices can be a huge investment.

·         Case, bezel, and VESA mounts available.

·         Warranties are a standard 3 years. Clients may opt to extend their warranty contracts up to 5 years or more.

·         Comes with variable and often less-powerful processors such as Intel Celeron.

·         Rated IP40 seals for protection against the elements.

·         Operating systems may differ, from Windows to MAC OS to Linux. These systems are often built into the computer already.

·         Vulnerable to water, shock, and dust damage for most units.

·         No visible touchscreen technology available for this unit.

·         Rack, DIN-, and wall panels available.

·         Warranties may last from a year or more depending on the units.


As you can see, the S17 rugged panel PC is well-suited for the food processing. Its stainless steel enclosures keep it safe from water, dust, and shock. And, its operating system and processors can handle large amounts of data processing.


Other panel computers have lower safety standards and different enclosures. This makes their panel products less safe than S17 industrial PCs. Their products also have negligible safety standards and processing capabilities. It would not be a wise investment to purchase less than the ideal equipment. Sometimes, their devices have warranties that do not last as long. So, choose a device where you have the option to extend the warranties from your supplier.


Invest in S17 Rugged Industrial PC for the Food Processing


We can ensure you that the S17 industrial PCs can be your partner in processing and safety standards. You can have the option to upgrade or downgrade the S17 device as the need suggests.


In that light, it makes industrial-grade computers a great investment. Not only for you as an operator but also to the whole food processing management and logistics.




Industrial Hardware for Weighing and Packaging in Custom-Food Manufacturing, Industrial Embedded Systems

Using 17” Industrial Computers on Food Processing Over Other Panel PCs




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