22” Rugged Panel PCs for Meat Processing Functions

In dealing with food, quality control and sanitation should be a top priority. Panel computers can help on the management of processing of food before going out to the market. Through technology, panel PC devices boost and create efficiency in the operations management.


Since 2009, the consumption of meat products in the UK has been rising up to 84.2 kg per person. Thus, increasing food production is inevitable. An increase in production, however, would lead to more difficulty in maintaining sanitary conditions.


Contaminated food would have a large impact on public health of the country. The higher the quality of the food, the lesser the product wasted and the more profits made. Advanced computing technology can help to make operations more efficient. If done well, it could be a boost to any industry.

Choose 22” Panel PCs for food safety processing

22” Industrial Grade Panel PCs for Meat Processing Logistics


Strict hygienic working condition enforces the use of technology in processing industries. For instance, processed meats go through different types of sterile environments. Thorough cleaning and sanitation deals with a lot of stress on machines.


As such, personal home computers would not be able to sustain these environments. So, selecting the 22” rugged panel device is best fit on these working conditions. In fact, processing machines need investment to help on these processes.


Specifications of Rugged Panel Devices


With an IP69K rating and NEMA-sealed enclosure, the 22” rugged panel PCs can withstand extreme working conditions. Apart from that, its stainless steel body allows for little to no contamination.


Should the machinery comes between the meat, it allows for easy clean-up. Hence, it follows quality and maintenance protocols in the food. Below is a comparison of our product’s features to common industrial computers.


22” Rugged Panel Devices

Other Industrial Computers

·         Our industrial grade computers are powered by an Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor.

·         Stainless steel panels and IP69K seal keep it from being damaged by water, dust, or shock.

·         Watchdog Timers enable security features and denotes processes and logins run by the system.

·         Operating systems may be Windows, Linux, or one built for a specific industry’s use.

·         It has a 22” projected touchscreen technology for better visual output.

·         Due to its features, industrial computing devices can be a huge investment.

·         Case, bezel, and VESA mounts available.

·         Warranties can last from 3-5 years.

·         Comes with variable and often less-powerful processors such as Intel Celeron.

·         Rated IP40 seals for protection against the elements.

·         Operating systems may differ, from Windows to MAC OS to Linux, and are often built into the computer already.

·         Vulnerable to water, shock, and dust damage for most units.

·         No visible touchscreen technology available for this unit.

·         Rack, DIN-, and wall panels available.

·         Warranties may last from a year or more depending on the units.


Making an informed choice is always important for any consumer. That way, the customer remains informed of their decision. Upon looking the specifications above, what panel technology would you choose to invest?


Build Your 22” Rugged Panel Computer


With all these, you can be sure that 22” rugged panel devices can best suit all the standards on your meat factory. So, why not build your customised 22” rugged panel PC today?


Be our partner in delivering efficient, high-quality meat products on your operations. You can be sure of getting the proper return of investment as well.




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