On Military Usage: 12.1” Industrial Computers vs Personal Computers  

Military technology has always been one step ahead in terms of advancement and durability. Industrial computing system is common here, as these provide the level of processing power and sturdiness that is needed when undergoing heavy military exercises.


In choosing industrial computers, organising and implementing military exercises and operation have become more effective in terms of precision and impact to public safety.

Choose Industrial Computers for Miltary Operations
Soldiers utilise industrial computer for operations, such as in surveying targets from afar. The computers aid in seeing from wider ranges in better clarity. © Pixabay.


How Is Military Strategy Benefiting from IC Usage?


Reliability is a top concern when one is dealing with military exercises. Because most operations are undertaken in the interest of public safety, it is imperative to equip them with the technology that can meet this end.


In dealing with military operations, one must deal with extreme environmental surroundings whilst engaging with an enemy. Being able to organise military manpower and supplies, whether in military drills or actual hostage retrieval operations, is a huge advantage in dealing with an enemy.


As such, any military group would want to acquire the most effective technology possible.


Why Choose 12.1” Industrial Computers for Operations


For the best in processing technology, look no further than 12.1” industrial grade computers. The features that they possess cover many environmental and practical factors that contribute to favourable end results.


For real comparisons, however, find out how it compares to the more visible personal computers.


Industrial Grade Computers

Personal Computers

·         The 12.1” industrial computers are powered by an Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor.

·         Stainless steel panels and IT69K seal keep it from being damaged by water, dust, or shock.

·         Watchdog Timers enable security features and denotes processes and logins run by the system.

·         Operating systems may be outfitted to the company’s own or using an existing system.

·         Projected capacitive touchscreen technology allows for a hands-on experience.

·         Due to its features, industrial grade computers are an investment.

·         Warranties can last from 3-5 years.

·         Comes with variable and often less-powerful processors such as Intel Celeron

·         Enclosures can be made out of plastic or steel-plated to save on manufacturing costs.

·         Operating systems may differ, from Windows to MAC OS to Linux, and are often built into the computer already.

·         Vulnerable to water, shock, and dust damage for most units

·         Touchscreen technology available to some, but not all units

·         Personalised and affordable

·         Warranties may last from a year or more depending on the units.


Invest in Industrial Computers Now


For military operations, it is easy to see that investing in 12.1” industrial panel devices will yield in the best output. We highly recommend this 12.1” embedded panel PC for its durability, processing ability, and its effectiveness over time over other kinds of computers.


Your investment need not go to waste due to its high warranty effectively and its ability to be both customisable and long-lasting. Contact our local panel PC dealer to custom build your own unit today.




Rugged desktop computer for industrial IoT applications introduced by WIN Enterprises, MilitaryAerospace.com


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