The UK has some of the most famous and the most advanced railway systems in the world. Often called the “tube”, the projected capacitive touchscreen technology used to control operations and ensuring fuss-free commutes for everyone is of the highest quality.

As it is an industry that deals with traveling, commuters need a hands-on way to keep their transport transactions to their exact specifications. Embedded panel computer technology is seen on everything from ticket booths to information stations that inform passengers of the routes they will take. The technology provides a visual for where they need to go, and this makes for smoother and safer travel.

Allowing for Upgraded PCAP Devices for Your Transport System
The need for trains to run on time with proper technology is shown in the train delays in the photos. © Pixabay


How Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Help UK Transport Industry


Commuters value punctuality and efficiency in the way their transportation systems are run. Breakdowns on the system would mean for a large chunk of the population to miss work or personal meetings. It can be assumed that time-saving measures and technology are a high priority in ensuring consumer satisfaction.


This is also evident in the improved performance that the transport industry has felt when the DCC (Digital Command Control) was implemented. Incidentally, this kind of technology can only be run with advanced technology such as projected capacitive touchscreen panels.


Time-saving Transport Features  


Projected capacitive touch panels are mostly utilised in these operations and command centres, as its 22” touch panel interface can operate more effectively there. This technology features an Intel Bay Trail M/D 2.0 GHz Quadcore processor, making it suitable for the amount of power that it takes to make transport services run on time.


Apart from that, the efficiency that touchscreen panels produce can be used to benefit other aspects of the industry. For example, advanced processors can run technology that helps in scheduling trains effectively, as it would be disastrous to overbook or authorise travel for trains that are headed for collision. The organised chaos that comes with working in the industry can be managed effectively by this sort of technology.


Well-Maintained Transport Systems


Maintenance and support for the transport industry is also an important feature that panel touch screens can address. With this sort of technology, embedded panel PCs can have software installed that can help to diagnose issues with the route, the train cars itself, or weather that could impede travel.


The 22” touchscreen panels also come with a Watchdog Timer which can be used to monitor specific functions such as login time, date of last maintenance runs, and if any parts or wiring need replacement. This also ensures well-maintained services that are less likely to break down.


Install Touchscreen Panels for Transport Systems


More than just features and applications, projected capacitive touchscreens can be outfitted to many parts of the transport system, especially to cater the large, metropolitan location.


Such responsibility entails on the best and the most advanced technology, and touchscreen panels can deliver on this promise. Contact a local industrial computer support on how you can build your PCAP device today.




New system soon to check train delays on Ghaziabad-Kanpur route, Business Today India



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