There are no technological advancements that have made as big an impact as flying. What was once a pipe dream had brought people across the globe, in speeds that were once thought impossible.


Such cutting-edge, innovative technology can only be developed with some of the most sophisticated industrial computers and work stations. Workstations come equipped with projected capacitive touchscreen devices that can make both constructing and maintaining working aircraft more hands-on.


These touchscreen devices can make or break the advancement in maintaining and establishing the aircraft industry. Thus, it has become more than an industry standard; making its integration will greatly benefit your aircraft as a whole.


How Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Fit Aircraft Industry Standards


Industrial computers are all about operating at maximum capacity whilst still investing in quality. One of the most important thing in running one’s aircraft is safety. In such an endeavour, transporting civilians from one place to another, whether for work or pleasure, comes with an enormous responsibility that can only be bridged with appropriate technology.


With an IP69K seal that sets the standard for quality, a 22” industrial touchscreen device can be fit to the dashboard of an aircraft or any of its compartments quickly and easily. It can also be mounted or attached onto high surfaces with its bezel mount and protective casing.


As for its communicative aspects, it can be integrated with Wi-Fi access that can help your cabin crew communicate with the aircraft and ground crew without the hassle of having a separate system. Its stainless steel finish leaves it fit for the most vulnerable environments, leaving it both shock and weather proof.


Communicating with and around aircraft technology


One of the most important things in running commercial aircrafts and keeping flights comfortable and coordinated for everyone is to keep the technology running. Using a 22” projected capacitive touchscreen device help to coordinate everyone’s movements, from passenger logs to updating of baggage and communicating between members of the cabin crew and the pilots.


Industrial touchscreen devices also helps to provide passengers with an easier way to reach out to flight crew members in times of need. It also seeks to improve communication with the ground crew and the coordinating landing sites or airports, as providing safe and punctual landings is the priority for everyone involved.


Advancing Technology beyond Aircrafts


Apart from commercial aircraft applications, the advancement of PCAP technology in the aircraft industry also extends to improving the tourism sector.


In improving transportation and communication, touchscreen technology also helps to bring in income for others as this is the form of technology that comes into contact with both passengers and crew, with its flexible applications and literal hands-on involvement.


Hence, ensuring better facilities supports a growing transport system, which will steadily help increase the flow of tourists to the locale.


Make the Grade with PCAP devices now


Making the upgrading and improvisation of the aircraft a priority is something that projected capacitive touchscreens can do. So contact your local industrial computer store in order to avail of your touchscreen devices and to address your queries.

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