Boost Office Productivity with Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Interactive touchscreen technology has a done a lot in improving the efficiency of workers in different environments. Communication through signage is one aspect that companies are enhancing with the use of interactive touch. One way enterprises are achieving that is using the technology to share information. With interactive touchscreen technology, a company can broadcast specific information that will be visible to numerous employees. Digital signage is utilised everywhere from conference rooms to offices to break rooms such that even if employees are spread over multiple floors of a company, they can all access vital information.

Cloud Application Access

Enterprises have access to numerous cloud-based applications such as Google Hangouts, Skype, GoToMeeting, Salesforce and Microsoft Lync. With the use of digital signage, these cloud applications are available on a larger scale, so to speak. Workers are not restricted to their smartphones or tablets when they want to access information shared on the cloud, effectively making it easier to carry out duties. There is also the advantage of having more people gain accessibility to cloud applications made possible by IDS solutions.

Colourful Meetings

Another way that IDS solutions contribute to the improved productivity of workers is the impact on company meetings. By using an IDS touchscreen, an employee can make engaging presentations with the option of including notes that can be useful later. Companies have moved from the era of PowerPoint presentations that usually resulted in mundaneness in meetings.

Process Automation

Interactive digital signage makes it possible to automate certain duties such as those at the front desk. A company can use IDS to integrate features such as a Wayfinder directory or virtual receptionist that negate the need to have someone sitting at the reception all day. With interactive touchscreen technology, guests can get simple instructions on how to use the directory for whatever they need. With video and audio integration, employees can still communicate with guests. Doing this not only gives workers more time to complete other duties, but it also comes with operational savings.


Four Tools for Improving Office Collaboration,


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