Ingress Protection Standards and Codes for Embedded Touch Panel PC

Ingress protection refers to the physical properties of a device or assembly and its capacity to resist dust, fine particles and larger objects, as well as moisture and water.

What IP numbers mean

The two digits in IP ratings have different meanings. The first digit indicates the extent to which the user or public is physically safeguarded from moving parts, in addition to how resistant the equipment is to foreign bodies. Conversely, the second digit refers to moisture protection, such as from dripping water, fine sprays or total submersion. A piece of equipment rated to IP65 standard, for instance, should be totally dust tight and able to withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction.

How to choose panel PCs based on the IP standards

Check that new embedded touch panel PC hardware is supplied in an IP enclosure to protect its internal components from contaminants. IP enclosures comply with standards laid down by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

How to determine the environment in which a panel PC will be used

For new installations, a site survey or communication with architects or building project managers will reveal detailed information about the anticipated conditions and physical environment in which panel PCs are to be used. Attention should also be paid to the project specification in the case of building extensions, server farm upgrades or the installation of new manufacturing plant and machinery; these factors affect humidity, temperature and vibration levels.

An ongoing dialogue and meetings with local IT and general management keep necessary parties informed, manage expectations and help ensure project success and functional touch panel PCs and other embedded equipment.


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