Tough and High-Tech Materials that Make Industrial Computer Products

Regular home and office computers are made from a wide range of materials, some of which are very hard to find. Silicon is the most common and it is used in the memory, processor, and GPU. Then again, the chemical and physical properties of silicon necessitate the addition of other elements to make the material more suitable for use in a computing device. A hard disc consists of a magnet tape doped with iron oxide and a disc made from magnesium or aluminium alloy. The reason for using an alloy is that aluminium alone is not hard enough to meet the durability requirements of a hard disc. Copper is used for its electrical conductivity and ceramic capacitors for their low capacitance capabilities. Other elements such as gold, phosphorous, neodymium, zinc, nickel, and NiP are also used in computers in various quantities.

Industrial PC Materials

Industrial PCs are built with materials of a higher grade to meet ruggedness standards. Aluminium is used in industrial computer products because it is strong and has the capability to endure shock and vibrations. Foam enclosures on hard drives are efficient in keeping the inner components safe from drops and extreme vibrations. Rubber isolators and fans are suitable for reducing noise levels. Conformal coating in internal components prevents mould growth in highly humid environments.

Industrial computer products are of the highest quality; and therefore, offer utmost durability. Ruggedised machines contain materials that can withstand wear and tear for a long time; however, some of the materials used are hard to find, and that impacts their sustainability. It is one of the reasons industrial PCs cost more than regular computers.

Impact of Technological Advances

Over the years, advancements in technology have made it possible to get better industrial computer products. Innovations such as custom-built heat pipes allow funnelling of heat from internal parts. LCD and touchscreen technologies have also grown dramatically, providing options like anti-reflective and anti-glare features. Core processors have advanced as well to offer more power efficiency.


The weird and wonderful materials that make up your PC,


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