Preventing Electrical Ignition Through an Industrial Panel PCs

The production of flammable materials is unavoidable in some industries. A majority of processes leave behind explosive substances or produce them. Some of the common elements include flammable gases, liquids, dust, aerosols, and vapours. With an ignition source, these substances can trigger an explosion.

A factory that uses flammable materials for its operations should consider utilising panel computers. Panel computers are mechanically capable of withstanding power surges and other electrical failures, which removes them as potential ignition sources. Panel computers can have enclosures that reduce their exposure to flammable substances, thereby, reducing the risks.

Risks of Regular Switches

Working with electrically powered equipment has its hazards. Using regular switches in industrial equipment is one of the mistakes that some factories make. The operations that go on in these factories put too much work on regular switches, making computers susceptible to failure. In some factories, computers have to run throughout, and that can cause overheating in normal switches, leading to electrical ignition risks.

Electrical Advantage of Panel Computers

The use of panel computers in industrial settings is one of the ways to reduce the risk of electrical ignitions. For instance, a panel computer has the mechanical capability to withstand power surges. Power surges in factories are some of the common causes of electrical accidents. A power surge can turn an electrical machine into an ignition source, triggering any flammable substances in the environment. A panel PC can also be mounted off the floor effectively reducing the risks that come with working on factory floors. Using panel computers with enclosures significantly reduces the chances of them acting as ignition sources.

Switching to Panel Computers

A company that conducts factory work or other electrical operations should consider switching to panel computers. Also, they should ensure that the computers in use have the specifications to meet the power supply needs. Panel computers can last through power surges, interruptions, blackouts, and fluctuations. Understand the power environment of a particular setting to be able to pick the right panel computer.


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