HazLoc and Your Panel PC

HazLoc refers to hazardous locations that pose certain safety threats for electrical components. A hazardous location may contain flammable or combustible liquids, flammable gases, combustible dust, or ignitable particles in the air. These substances all present an inherent danger in many settings. Machines that are installed in hazardous locations must have a suitable design to provide protection against various threats.

Choosing Panel Computers for HazLoc

Some industries pose particularly hazardous environments for computers to operate in. Oil, gas, and petroleum production sectors require machines that can withstand the dangers that come with the settings. Panel computers are suitable in such industries because of their ruggedised design. When choosing a panel PC to install in HazLoc, for one, it must be certified as rugged. A panel computer should have military specifications, (MIL-SPEC or Military Standard (MIL-STD) rating. It must also have NEMA and IP ratings that are suitable to an individual HazLoc. The display of a panel computer for HazLoc installation must have a display for all conditions.

Risks of Using Other Computers

Using other types of computers in hazardous locations can have severe implications. A machine without a rugged system is not able to bear the extreme heat or cold that may come with a particular HazLoc setting. Extreme temperature can cause standard computer components to slow down or stop working altogether. A computer that is not ruggedised cannot withstand dust ingress, spills, shocks from vibrations and drops. Any other computer would suffer damage and compromise operations. A standard computer may explode if it came into contact with explosive or flammable materials, whereas panel computers prevent that risk.

Panel Computer Features

Panel computers can survive HazLoc settings because they have specific characteristics. One is that a panel computer has an enclosed body that gives it mounting suitability. The controls on panel computers are very durable. In the case of touchscreen LCDs, they utilise the most resistant to harsh conditions. There are also alternative and additional cooling methods that make panel computers capable of enduring extreme heat. The robustness in design and performance is what makes panel computers long-lasting and safe in hazardous environments.


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