The Operating System and Your Industrial Computer

One of the top considerations you have to keep in mind when you want to maximise system performance in your industrial computer is the operating system to install. It is here that you will have to choose between a standard OS and an embedded alternative. During the process, ensure that the integration of your systems and equipment is seamless.

Comparing Standard OS Version vs. an Embedded Variation

The most noticeable differentiating factor between the two OS types is that the embedded version is configured specifically for a certain hardware setup. Such an OS lacks many of the “unnecessary” features of the standard version, making it ideal for compact and lightweight hardware.

It is, therefore, advantageous to install the embedded version since your industrial computer will only carry out specific functions. Other desirable characteristics of an embedded OS include speed, accuracy, reliability, and low power dissipation. A standard OS, on the other hand, works on any computer, and might use up a lot of the resources (e.g. RAM/ROM and CPU).

Understanding Peripherals, Sensors, and Displays

The support of your peripherals, sensors, and display requires critical consideration because these are the tools that will help you achieve your objectives. They include the mouse, keyboards, printers, built-in and connected sensors, and touch screens and other types of monitors.

Choose an OS that manages the peripherals, sensors, and displays appropriately if you desire to run all applications and communicate with other devices smoothly.

Learning about Your Equipment and Its Compatibilities

The PC market offers various options when it comes to the processors that run on industrial PCs. Core and Intel are some of the most popular, but you need to pick one that works well with your motherboard and OS. An opinion from an industrial PC specialist is necessary if you wish to pick one that will perform at an optimal level.


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