Why Choose Industrial Computers for Business?

It is common to see a desktop PC in a workplace setting, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this style over laptops? There are actually seven:

  • A lot of memory
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Fast processors
  • No battery
  • Larger screen
  • Cheaper than laptops
  • The separate components i.e. mouse and keyboard give better posture

The disadvantages of a desktop computer are that these heavy units take up a lot of space and are not portable. They also require separate components and can be very noisy which is distracting in certain environments.

Compact computers in the workplace have made a change for the better; they save space as they can operate with minimal extras. When initially setting up the compact computer you would only need a mouse, keyboard and monitor and then when installation is complete, you can remove all the extras and it will run without them. Many of them come pre-built with software loaded onto them which negates the lengthy process of installing them.

What is the difference between a panel PC and an industrial one?

Panel PC: These touchscreen units have a very high computing power and multiple ports for add-on boards. They are perfect for factory settings as they are easy to access and use.

Industrial Computer: It is the hardware on this style of computer that makes it different from a standard office PC. It has pretty much the same software as an office PC, but its construction is higher grade as it has to deal with a lot more stress than its office counterpart.


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