Is a New Industrial Computer a Wise Investment for Your Business?

It is important to buy the right industrial computer and LCD monitor because if you get it wrong there will be a bigger impact than you might imagine. It simply wouldn’t make sense to install a fragile desk monitor in a harsh environment where temperature, water, abrasion and shock would quite simply destroy it. That’s why it is important to install a sturdy and robust unit that will function correctly and last long enough to give back a Return on Investment. Also, what would happen if the monitor failed? Lost productivity and interruption of work flow are headaches that we can all do without.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an LCD monitor such as the ambient environment: will there be moisture or dirt? In what temperature will it be used: will the monitor be used in freezing conditions? Also, what will be happening in the surrounding area: could it get bashed and scratched?

The successful implementation of a new LCD depends on a few key factors. First, talk to a reputable manufacturer that can advise and help to make choices. Select one that has experience in your industry sector and that understands what you want to achieve. Involve the end users and make a choice that is suitable for them. If simple menus selections are required then perhaps a touchscreen LCD would make more sense than one with a keyboard.

Once you’ve invested in an LCD you’d be advised to maintain it correctly. Ensure that you switch off the monitor when not in use to avoid screen-burn and do this before cleaning it. This is especially important if it has a touchscreen so as not to issue any unintended commands! Clean down the metal casing with a damp cloth and regularly and inspect cables for any tangles or damage.




Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE),


Touch screen compatible safety gloves,


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